Vasily Belokurov
Professor of Astronomy
at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge

Graduated from Moscow State University, Relativistic Astrophysics Department, Sternberg Astronomical Institute.
I did my DPhil at the University of Oxford where I worked with Wyn Evans.

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Support gravity, my people would.
email: vasily at
phone: +44 1223 337515
office: Hoyle H20
address: Institute of Astronomy
  Madingley Road
  Cambridge, CB30HA

Milky Way Halo
Put your objects on the map of the MW stellar halo. Also plots various satellites from these lists

a simple IDL optimization routine loosely based on genetic algorithms

Microlensing maps
Maps of microlensing optical depth towards the Bulge in three different Galaxy models

Unsupervised classification scheme for a large lightcurve dataset
The Gaia Sausage: the major collision that changed the Milky Way
 Cambridge University PR

A bridge of stars connects two dwarf galaxies
 Cambridge University PR

Sgr tails
 Cambridge University PR

Discovery of 4 new dwarfs
 New Scientist,

Discovery of CVn and Boo dwarfs
 SDSS press release
 New Scientist

Field of Streams
 SDSS press release
 New Scientist



3 most recent refereed papers on ADS
Apr 2021 'Discovering strongly lensed QSOs from unresolved light curves'
We present a new method of discovering galaxy-scale, strongly lensed QSO systems from unresolved light curves using the autocorrelation function

Mar 2021 'Weighing Milky Way satellites with LISA'
White dwarf stars are a well-established tool for studying Galactic stellar populations

Mar 2021 'The mass of the Milky Way out to 100 kpc using halo stars'
We use a distribution function analysis to estimate the mass of the Milky Way (MW) out to 100 kpc using a large sample of halo stars

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3 most recent ArXiv papers
2021-12-15 'Variable Stars in the giant satellite galaxy Antlia 2'

2021-11-19 'Astrometric Identification of Nearby Binary Stars I: Predicted Astrometric Signals'

2021-11-15 'The Photo-Astrometric Vertical Tracer Density of the Milky Way II: Results from Gaia'

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