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Microlensing maps for the Milky Way Galaxy
W. Evans, V. Belokurov

The accepted ApJ version.
And the slightly fresher version from Vasily's thesis.

Here we provide the equations that describe the three models of the Galaxy used in the paper.


This plot (PS version) shows the distribution of the gravitational microlensing optical depth to the red clump giants (in units of 10^-6) in the three bulge models, excluding (full lines) and including (dotted lines) spirality.

Here are the values of the gravitational microlensing optical depth on the grid of 50x50 nodes in (-10°<l<10°, -10°<b<10°). Each file has 50 lines (increment in b) written in the following format 50(e11.5,1x).
l (or b) coordinates of the nodes in degrees

ModelNo spiralityWith spirality
Dwek (E2).dat.dat