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UBVRI photometry (mostly for field M-dwarfs)

This directory contains a collection of ASCII tables I have amassed
over the years, mostly digitised from papers presenting photoelectric
photometry.  They are a mixture of things I typed in by hand and OCR
(with correction) from the ADS scans of the original tables.  Much of
this work was done because I was not able to find the tables available
in full, easily batch searchable form online.

These tables are provided as-is with no warranty or guarantee of
accuracy - while I have tried to minimise errors, there may be some
remaining.  Please report any that you find so they can be corrected.

Listings of files are arranged by photometric system.  Please take
care with regard to colour transformations when using the RI
photometry, particularly datasets that are not in "the standard"
Johnson-Cousins system.  The series of publications by Bessell in the
70s-90s provide detailed information on the various photometric
systems and transforming between them.  I suggest starting with the
review article by Bessell (1995).

Cousins VRcIc

cousins80.dat  VRI photometry of nearby stars brighter than V=9 and
               south of declination +10.  Cousins et al. (1980).
               This photometry is usually taken to define the Cousins
               system at the red end, although this study does not
               contain very many of the reddest stars due to the V
               magnitude limit, so needs to be supplemented with one
               of the other works considered to be on the Cousins

the81.dat      VRcIc photometry of 29 red dwarf stars.  The et
               al. (1981).  Generally fainter than the Cousins study,
               but with some overlap.

the84.dat      VRcIc photometry of 55 red dwarf stars.  The et
               al. (1984).  Contains all the ones from the previous
	       paper but often with more measurements per star and
	       additional stars.  

celis86.dat    UBVRcIc photometry of 15 M-dwarfs from Celis (1986).

df89.dat       BVRcIc photometry of 30 faint LHS stars from Dawson &
               Forbes (1989).

laing89.dat    UBVRcIc photometry of nearby stars with V > 9 and south
               of declination +10.  Laing et al. (1989).  Has been
               used to define the Cousins system at the red end
               e.g. by Bessell (1995).

bessell90-xid.dat  BVRcIc photometry of nearby stars in the Gliese
                   catalogue.  Bessel (1990).  (note misspelling of
                   the author's name)
               The table has been modified to add 2MASS IDs, where
               there is a single unambiguous 2MASS ID for the source.

bessell91.dat  VRcIc (and NIR JHK) photometry of LHS stars from Bessell

df92.dat       BVRcIc photometry of 127 faint LHS stars from Dawson &
               Forbes (1992).  Please refer to the paper for a 
	       description of possible systematic errors which may
	       affect the magnitudes at the faint end.

leg92.dat      The optical part of Table 2 from Leggett et al. (1992).
               Presents compiled, combined optical photometry for 322
               red dwarf stars.

mcn-xid.dat    SAAO photometry from the "Meeting the cool neighbors"
               series of papers (Reid et al. 2002, 2003, 2004).  This
               table presents the photometry from all three papers in
               one table, with modern 2MASS all-sky data release
               identifiers and photometry recovered where this could
               be done unambiguously (there are two doubles in the
               sample with resolved 2MASS photometry and unresolved
               optical photometry, identifiers are not provided for
               these objects).


eggen79-table1a-xid.dat   Eggen (1979) V < 15, mu > 1"/yr
eggen80-table1-xid.dat    Eggen (1980) V < 15, 0.7 < mu < 1"/yr,
                          delta < 30 deg
eggen87-table1-xid.dat    Eggen (1987) V < 15.1, 0.5 < mu < 0.7"/yr,
                          delta < 30 deg.

Photometry of high proper motion stars.  Note that V-magnitudes given
in parentheses or to 1 decimal place in Eggen (1987) are estimated
(from the RI photometry), not measured.  The tables have been modified
to add LHS catalogue numbers and 2MASS IDs, where possible.

Kron VRI (Weis)

Note: the new -xid versions of these files have experimental recovery
of 2MASS identifiers.  There may still be some errors.

weis82-table1.dat  Weis & Upgren (1982).

weis84-table2.dat  Observations of parallax stars from the Weis NLTT
weis86-table3.dat  study (Weis 1984, 1986, 1987, 1988).

weis84-table4-rnltt.dat  Observations of the NLTT stars from the Weis
weis86-table4-rnltt.dat  NLTT study (Weis 1984, 1986, 1987, 1988).
weis87-table2-rnltt.dat  The modern rNLTT style identifiers (the row
weis88-table2-rnltt.dat  number in the original NLTT table) have been
                         recovered wherever possible, and appear in
                         the (new) first column.  See Salim & Gould

                         Objects with notes have mostly been left
                         intact, even though some of the notes mention
                         possible misidentifications.  I intend
                         eventually to clean this up by adjusting the
                         table as appropriate.

weis96-table1.dat  Photometry of Luyten Half-Second stars.  Weis
                   (1996).  A very large study (1194 stars), although
                   note that there are repeats of measurements
                   presented in earlier papers by the same author in
                   the table (see the "Ref." column).  Sometimes these
                   have B-V measurements that were not presented the
                   previous time they were published.

                   Objects with notes have been left intact, even
                   though some of the notes mention possible
                   misidentifications.  I intend eventually to clean
                   this up by adjusting the table as appropriate.

                   The paper also contains notes on how to transform
                   the Weis RI photometry to the Cousins system.

Naval Observatory Parallax Program UBV

Note: identifier recovery has been performed for these tables, to
retrieve 2MASS, LHS and rNLTT identifiers (where possible) in order to
make them easier to use.  However, so far the checking of the
identifiers has been rather limited, and I have tended to rely on
mostly automated retrieval from SIMBAD, which in my experience is not
always correct, particularly in close multiples.  Some of the more
obviously ambiguous cases were checked by hand or against the Stauffer
et al. (2010) paper for stars in the CNS (Gliese; Gliese & Jahreiss),
but this could do with some more comprehensive work.

harrington80-xid.dat    Harrington & Dahn (1980).
                        Includes the 1981 erratum changes.  I also
			fixed a mistake for L1403-12, this should be
			star number 38, whereas the original scan
			read 30.

dahn82-xid.dat          Dahn et al. (1982).

                        Harrington et al. (1985) -- To do
                        Dahn et al. (1988) -- To do

See J/AJ/105/1571 on VizieR for the Harrington et al. (1993) tables.


Jonathan Irwin
jirwin -at- cfa -dot- harvard -dot- edu