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Croeso i dudalen cartref Dafydd Wyn Evans


This is the home page of Dafydd Wyn Evans. I am part of the Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit (old webpage) at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, and work mainly on the Gaia project where I am leader of CU5 Photometric Processing and deputy leader of CU7 Variability Processing as part of the DPAC Consortium which is run by the DPAC Executive. I have also worked on the WFCAM (old webpage) and Carlsberg Meridian Telescope projects. I am a member of the University and College Union. If you are a member of the IoA, you should consider joining.

I used to work at the Royal Greenwich Observatory which has now sadly closed. While there I worked on the Hipparcos and Carlsberg projects. I can be contacted by the following methods.

My research interests include: Galactic structure and kinematics; Astrometry; Photometry; Automated searches for white dwarfs and brown dwarfs. My publication list can be seen via my ORCID account.

I've grouped my links thus:

* Astronomy
* Computing & WWW
* Welsh stuff *
* Other links
I have many hobbies. The results of some of these can be seen in my gallery.


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