Public Engagement Activities

I give popular-level astronomy talks and lectures on almost any area of astronomy (including exobiology, planetary science, stars, galaxies, and cosmology) to a wide range of ages. I have given talks for the Royal Institution, New Scientist, the Royal Astronomical Society, and the British Astronomical Association.

I regularly speak at festivals (including the Cambridge Science Festival, the Wigtown Book Festival, the Ely Cathedral Science Festival, and the Kings Lynn Festival), as well as appearing at Pint of Science, Astronomy on Tap, and Cafe Scientifiqué.

I am happy to visit astronomical societies to give talks. Please get in touch. These are some talks I could offer:

  • Big Bangs to Big Rips: 20th Century Cosmology
  • Monsters in the Dark: searching for the Universe's most extreme galaxies
  • Searching for Earth 2.0: exoplanets and life in the Universe
  • The detection of gravitational waves
  • How fast is the Universe expanding?
  • How far away are the stars? Climbing the cosmic distance ladder
  • What on Earth is Dark Energy?

I am happy to provide media commentary about breaking astronomy news: my recent radio appearances include the BBC 5 Live Science Podcast, and NPR Dallas. For media enquires, please get in touch.
I regularly visit schools and colleges at all educational stages, from pre-school to sixth-form, to talk about astronomy with students. If you would like to arrange for me to visit your school, there is a booking link at the main IoA outreach page.

I am the honorary president of LYRA – Lowestoft & Yarmouth Regional Astronomers, and LDAS – the Letchworth & District Astronomical Society.