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"Gravitational N-body Simulations: Tools and Algorithms" (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics)

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A book review by David Merritt has appeared in General Relativty and Gravitation v. 38 (2006).

Papers (for all refereed papers see ADS)

  • K. Nitadori & S.J. Aarseth (2012), Accelerating NBODY6 with graphics processing units
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  • S.J. Aarseth (2012), Mergers and ejections of black holes in globular clusters
    Mon. Not. R. Astron. 422, 841
  • S.J. Aarseth (2007), Post-Newtonian N-body simulations
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  • S.J. Aarseth (2003), Black hole binary dynamics
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  • S. Mikkola & S.J. Aarseth (2002), A time-transformed leapfrog scheme
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  • S.J. Aarseth (2001), NBODY2: a direct N-body integration code
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  • S.J. Aarseth (2001), Regularization methods for the N-body problem
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    in The Dynamics of Small Bodies in the Solar System ed. B.A. Steves & A. Roy (Kluwer), 385
  • S.J. Aarseth (1999), Star cluster simulations: the state of the art
    in Impact of Modern Dynamics in Astronomy ed. J. Henrard & S. Ferraz-Mello (Kluwer), 127
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  • S.J. Aarseth (1996) Star cluster simulations on HARP
    in Dynamical Evolution of Star Clusters ed. P. Hut & J. Makino (Kluwer), 161
  • S. Mikkola & S.J. Aarseth (1993), An implementation of N-body chain regularization
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