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Sverre's News
November 2015
Major new version of NBODY6 placed on IoA website
September 2014
Adventures of a Reckless Amateur published on
19th October 2012
New codes for post-Newtonian and KS block-steps announced
1st May 2012
NBODY6-GPU paper by Nitadori and Aarseth accepted by Monthly Notices
22nd August 2010
Improved GPU and SSE libraries for public NBODY6 by Keigo Nitadori
23rd June 2008
Public version of NBODY6 with GPU and SSE developed by Keigo Nitadori
27th April 2008
Enhanced NBODY6 with GPU and SSE developed by Keigo Nitadori
10th January 2008
Expedition report: Atacama 2007
7th December 2007
NBODY7 announced: NBODY6 with Mikkola's Algorithmic Regularization
1st December 2007
New NBODY6 with Roche-lobe overflow and Mardling stability criterion
28th July 2007
Implementation of Algorithmic Regularization with multiple BHs in NBODY4
11th November 2006
A compact fourth-order Hermite block-step code NBODY0 added to the family
21st October 2006
Three-body regularization code TRIPLE2 with post-Newtonian terms
29th July 2006
Interactive four-body movie on
14th July 2006
New manual for NBODY4 and NBODY6 on
20th June 2006
Tiger pictures on
8th May 2006
Three-body regularization code with external potential
21st April 2006
NBODY1 code for GRAPE (developed with Jun Makino in 1991)
27th February 2006
User manual for NBODY4 posted on
4th February 2006
Cambridge N-Body School website online at
19th November 2005
Grape-free version of NBODY4 available as brut4.tar.gz
25th August 2005
NBODY4 with GRAPE-6a launched on
21st February 2005
Interactive three-body movie on
10th January 2005 is online
22nd October 2004
Improved version of NBODY6: option for external Plummer potential
22nd September 2004
New version of NBODY6: fast integration of tidal tails added
12th June 2004
User manual and new code versions for three-body and chain regularization
29th March 2004
Time-symmetric Hermite planetary code with Burdet-Heggie two-body regularization
18th March 2004
Five new toy codes for two-body regularization
17th March 2004
Six new mountaineering expedition reports
21st January 2004
New user manual for NBODY6
16th December 2003
Website redesign
23rd October 2003
My book "Gravitational N-body Simulations: Tools and Algorithms" (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) published in UK
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