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CIRPASS software download and installation procedure
Data reduction Cookbook explaining aspects of the data reduction package.
Draft CIRPASS software specification
Relevant existing software
FITS header keywords
DoCirpass fibre config files Gemini South 2002 (IFU), AAT 2002 (MOS)
Fibre-to-lense Table explanation

Information from the March 2003 campaign (Bad pixel masks..)

Instrument information

Andrew Dean's Thesis on CIRPASS [.ps], [.pdf]

Obsering aid

Observing log sheets AAT - MOS [.doc], [.ps]
Observing log sheets Gemini - IFU [.doc]
IFU lens map [.eps], [.gif], [.fig]


Summary of other near-infrared spectrographs on large telescopes.
Summary of other integral field units

see also the nice list of other near-infrared instruments at ANU

Picture Gallery

Pictures of CIRPASS.

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