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CIRPASS will be available on Gemini South in semester 2003A. The call for proposals was released by Gemini on Sept 6th 2002. The IoA instrumentation group and Gemini will carry out the observing in service mode for all programs allocated telescope time. The unreduced data will be passed on to the applicants soon after the observations have been completed. The IoA Instrumentation Group will assist with data reduction and scientific collaboration in exchange for joint authorship on resulting papers.

CIRPASS will next be used in its MOS mode on the AAT in Oct 2002. This will be the first run on MOS mode.

The availability in 2003B is currently under discussion. Possibilities include the AAT, Gemini-S, Magellan and the VLT visitor focus. All of these are just suggestions at this stage. If you would like to support one of these possibilities or have an alternative suggestion please contact us.

In the longer term (2004) we hope to combine CIRPASS with OzPoz on the VLT. This proposal is currently being explored and developed with ESO.

Ian Parry <irp@ast.cam.ac.uk>

Last modified: Mon Sept 9th 2002