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WFS Library Flats, Biases and Fringe Frames

For each WFS run on the INT a series of library flat field and bias frames were created. The flat field frames were first bias-corrected using the master bias frames and the overscan region [14:53,1:4096] to monitor bias level; trimmed to the data region [54:2101,1:4096]; linearised ( see WFC foibles ); and finally imcombined to create the library files accessible below.

The simplest way to access a file is to select the appropriate month/year, click on the link to obtain a listing of available files, and then right click to download the file.

From December 2000 the fringe frames were automatically created in the pipeline and are also accessible from here.

Note that we have now moved the earlier fringe frames into the appropriate flatsnbiases subdirectories.

Note that runs from September 1999 (inclusive) date from the SDSU controller upgrade and the change to multiextension FITS. Earlier runs are also available on request if not in the following lists. Note that these have all been converted to multiextension FITS format.

September 1998
October 1998
November 1998
December 1998
February 1999
September 1999
October 1999
December 1999
March 2000
April 2000
May 2000
June 2000
September 2000
September 2000b
October 2000
November 2000
December 2000
February 2001
February 2001b
April 2001
June 2001
July 2001
August 2001
September 2001
October 2001
November 2001
February 2003

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