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WFC filters

Response for the U,g',r',i',Z WFC filters. The dashed line shows the EEV CCD response, the dotted lines the filter responses and the solid line the overall filter response.

For a visual comparison between the current standard INT WFC filters and the SDSS set click here . For more details on filter reponses see ING filter database.

The overall QE of the recommended U ,g',r',i',Z filter set convolved with the EEV CCD response is available as a postscript file here . The Harris and RGO filter set B, V, R, I response is available here and the Kitt Peak B filter response is available here .

The EEV 42-80 QE is also available as a separate table.

The filter specifications for passbands used in the WFS are itemised below for convenience.

  U   1mm UG2   + 5mm CuSO4 + 1mm UBK7                0.95            3610
  B   1mm BG12  + 2mm BG39  + 1mm GG385               0.00            4362
  V   2mm GG495 + 2mm BG39                            0.00            5478
  R   2mm OG570 + 2mm KG3                             0.00            6507
  I   3mm RG9   + 1mm RG715                           0.00            8183
  Z   4mm RG850                                       0.05            9029

 KPB  3mm GG385 + Hoya GM/C500 + cut off at 4900A     0.60            4426

  g'  2mm GG400 + 3mm BG38     + cut off at 5500A     0.50            4857
  r'  4mm OG550 + 1mm BK7      + cut off at 7000A     0.15            6216
  i'  4mm RG695 + 1mm BK7      + cut off at 8500A     0.30            7671

The latter three were chosen to match the SDSS filters.

Filter Wavelength Width Transmission
(Angstroms) (Angstroms)
RGO U 3560 600 PNG ASCII
Sloan g' 4825 1400 PNG ASCII
Sloan r' 6260 1380 PNG ASCII
Sloan i' 7670 1535 PNG ASCII
RGO Z 9100 1370 PNG ASCII