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@ Institute of Astronomy, Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0HA, UK

M31 and its satellite galaxies M32 and NGC205

The Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit - CASU

I am Director of the Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit whose main work is pipeline processing and curating wide field survey data from a variety of telescope systems and observatories. A selection of colourful pictures from these surveys is available here .

Currently most of our effort is devoted to designing and implementing the VDFS (Vista Data Flow System) for VISTA which will be commissioned on Paranal in 2007/8 and in providing a data processing facility for a range of optical mosaic cameras. The first versions of the VDFS are being used for processing WFCAM data, which was commissioned on Hawaii in 2004.

For further information about the VDFS contact casuhelp@ast.cam.ac.uk

Other activities of CASU

Research Interests

Occassionally I get time for a bit of research, most of which is now focussed on the Local Group of galaxies.

The APM Facility

Description of APM facility

The Automatic Plate Measuring facility used a scanning laser microdensitometer
to ditigise and process photographic plates (1980-2003).

The APM on-line catalogues

Description of the APMCAT sky catalogues based on APM measurements of Palomar
Schmidt and UK Schmidt telescope blue and red sky survey plates.


Direct interface to APM catalogue browser. For information about remote serving of catalogues from local host click here .


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