Notes for APMCAT interrogation program.

 * APMCAT remotely serves data from the APM catalogues server.   
 * This is a standalone program which makes a remote request of the   
 * APM catalogues system based on command line arguments and returns   
 * either a list or a postscript finding chart on standard output.   
 * Created: 1-February-1995 by T. McGlynn   
 *          Goddard Space Flight Center   
 *          Universities Space Research Association   
 *          Code 668.1   
 * Modified by Geraint Lewis and Mike Irwin to support APM online    
 *          catalogues 1-April-1996   

To aquire the software: 

ftp to;   
login as anonymous;   
cd pub/mike;   
get apmcat.c;   
get apmcat.notes; (for copy of these notes)   

To compile and link: 

gcc -lsocket -lnsl -o apmcat apmcat.c       (Solaris)    
gcc -o apmcat apmcat.c                      (Sunos)    
gcc -o apmcat apmcat.c                      (Linux)   

or ditto using "cc"

Usage: apmcat ra dec [optional arguments]  

   where the optional arguments are of the form   
   keyword=value.  Valid arguments include: 

              survey=poss1          [or ukst survey]   
              box=5                 [box size in arcmins]    
              equinox=b1950         [or j2000]   
              numbers=n             [numbers on plot ? n/y]   
               [name of postscript image]   
              list=image.lis        [alternatively name of list file]   
              email=null            [email address]

The above values are the defaults.   
The default is to return a postscript chart with the name    
Please specify either a list or a postscript image.


	apmcat "00 40 00.0" "11 41 00" survey=poss1   
	apmcat  "10 31 21.3 -5 10 23" survey=ukst list=chart.list 

Notes:  If a field is absent from the catalogues you will be returned an   
        appropriate message.  

**** Current status:    
**** Full northern POSS1 to approximately 20 degrees from Galactic   
**** plane is available.  First 4 equatorial dec strips of southern UKST   
**** (ie. 0, -5, -10, -15) to 30 degrees from Galactic plane also available   
**** - though still many missing fields in this region due to lack of R 
**** survey plates. Several of the SES UKST strips are also now included 
**** down to -65 degrees dec with the same caveat as above.

**** To do a list create a script with command line arguments as above.

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