XMM SSC Acronym list

List of XMM related acronyms

Doc.No.: SSC-LUX-MP-0005
Issue:   1.8
Date:    16-Jun-99

XMM Survey Science Centre (SSC): Acronym List & Glossary

John Pye / Leicester University   (pye@star.le.ac.uk)

To propose additions or amendments please e-mail John Pye pye@star.le.ac.uk .

Acronym		Description

2MASS		Two-Micron All-Sky Survey
ACDS		Astronomical Catalogues Database Subsystem (at Strasbourg)
ACDS		Archival Catalogue and Database Subsystem
ACF		Auto-Correlation Function
ADAM		Astronomical Data Acquisition and Management (UK Starlink software enivironment)
ACOS		Attitude and Orbit Control System
AD		Applicable Document
ADC		Analogue to Digital Converter
ADD		Architectural Design Document
ADS		Astrophysics Data System (NASA distributed astronomical database)
ADU		Analogue to Digital Unit
AE		Effective Area
AGN		Active Galactic Nuclei
AHF		Attitude History File
AIP		Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam
AIPS		Astronomical Image Processing System (radio-astronomy environment from NRAO)
ALADIN		Interactive sky atlas developed by CDS Strasbourg
AMS		Archive Management Subsystem
AMW-DB		Archive of Multi-Wavelength Data (at Strasbourg)
ANO 		Any Other
AO		Announcement of Opportunity
AOCS		Attitude and Orbit Control and Measurement Subsystem
AOS		Acquisition Of Signal
APF		Attitude Parameter File
APH		Attitude Pointing History
API		Application Programming Interface
APID		Application Identifier
APM		Automatic Plate Measurement: IoA project to digitise optical sky survey
Ariel-5		UK X-Ray Astronomy Satellite launched 1974
Ariel-6		UK X-Ray Astronomy Satellite launched 1979
ARF		Ancillary Response File
ARF		Ancillary Response Function
ASCA		Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics
ASCA		Japanese X-Ray Astronomy satellite launched 1993
ASCII		American Standard Code for Information Interchange 
ASTERIX		X-Ray astronomy data analysis package for Starlink ADAM environment
ASU		Astronomical Server URL
ATM		Asynchronous Transfer Mode (networking protocol)
AXAF		Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility, future NASA mission
BOL		Beginning Of Life
BRDF		Bidirectional Reflective Distribution Function
BS		Binary Star
BSM		Baseline Spectroscopy
CADC		Canadian Astrophysical Data Centre
CAL		Calibration Access Layer
CAMEX		CMOS Amplifier and Multiplexing Chip
CCD		Charge Coupled Device
CCE		Charge Collection Efficiency
CCF	       	Cross-Correlation Function
CCF		Current Calibration File
CDM		Common Data Model (for databases)
CD-ROM		Compact Disc-Read-Only Memory
CDS		Correlated Double Sampler
CDS		Centre de Donnees Stellaires (in Strasbourg)
CDT		Catalogues and Databases Team (at Strasbourg)
CfA	       	Centre for Astrophysics (of the Harvard-Smithsonian, Cambridge, Ma)
CFHT		Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, on Mauna Kea
CHF		Calibration History File
CMS		Control & Monitoring (Sub-)System
Co-I		Co-Investigator
CPG		Calibration Proposal Generation
CPU		Central Processing Unit
CRF		Calibration Resource File
CSG		Clock Sequence Generator
CSIM		Cosmic Simulator
CTE		Charge Transfer Efficiency
CTI		Charge Transfer Inefficiency
CV		Cataclysmic Variable
CVS		Concurrent Version System, UNIX Utility
DAC		Digital to Analogue Conversion
DAL		Data Access Layer
DAT		Digital Audio Tape (used as mass-storage medium)
DBI		Digital Bus Interface
DBU		Digital Bus Unit
DBMS		Data-Base Management System
DCR		Dedicated Control Room
DDD		Detailed Design Document
DEC		Declination
DEFA		Digital Event Filter and Address Encoder
DEM		Digital Electronics Module (OM)
DEMUX		De-Multiplexer
DENIS		Deep Near-Infra-red Survey (of Southern Sky)
DHS		Data Handling Subsystem
DLT		Digital Linear Tape
DP		Data Products
DPD		Data Processing Division (at ESOC)
DPP		Digital PreProcessor
DPSS		Data Product Screening Sub-system
DPSST		Data Product Screening Software Team (MPE/Potsdam)
DPU		Data Processing Unit
DPU		Digital Processing Unit (OM)
DTS             Data Transfer (Sub-)System
DXRB		Diffuse X-Ray Background
ED		Event Designator
EDH		EPIC Data Handling Unit
EDAC		Error Detection and Correction
EDU		Event Detection Unit
EDU		EPIC Data Handling Unit
EE		End-to-End [Test]
Einstein	Einstein Observatory (HEAO-2), NASA X-Ray Astronomy satellite launched 1978
EMAE		EPIC MOS Analogue Electronics
EMCH		EPIC MOS Focal Camera Head Unit
EMCU		EPIC MOS Camera Head Unit
EMCR		EPIC MOS Control,Event Analyzer and Recognition Unit
EMCS		EPIC MOS Camera System
EMCV 		EPIC MOS Low Voltage Converter Unit
EMDU		EPIC MOS Data Handling Unit
EMSS		Einstein Medium Sensitivity Survey  
EOL		End Of Life
EPEA		EPIC p-n Event Analyser
EPIC		European Photon Imaging Camera
EPOS		Enhanced Preferred Observation Schedule
EPCE		EPIC pn Control Electronics Unit
EPCH	       	EPIC pn	Focal Camera Head Unit
EPCS		EPIC pn Camera System
EPCU		EPIC pn Camera Head Unit
EPDH		EPIC pn Data Handling Unit
EPDU		EPIC pn Data Handling Unit
EPEA		EPIC pn Event Analyzer Unit
EPG		Engineering Proposal Generation
EPVC		EPIC pn Low Voltage Converter Unit
ERM	       	EPIC Radiation Monitor
ERMD		EPIC Radiation Monitor Detector
ERME		EPIC Radiation Monitor Electronics
ERMS		EPIC Radiation Monitor System
ESIS		European Southern Observatory
ESOC		European Satellite Operation Centre
ESTEC		European Space Research and Technology Centre
EUV		Extreme Ultra-Violet 2
EUVE		Extreme Ultra-Violet Explorer (NASA spacecraft)
EXOSAT		European X-ray Observatory Satellite launched 1983
EXSAS		Extended Scientific Analysis System (X-ray data analysis package for MIDAS)
FD		Flight Dynamics
FDDI		Fibre Distributed Data Interface (local area network)
FDR		Flight Dynamics Room
FET		Field Effect Transistor
FFT		Fast Fourier Transform
FIFO		First In First Out
FIRST		Far Infra-Red Space Telescope
FITS		Flexible Image Transport System
FOM		Figure Of Merit
FOV		Field Of View
FTOOLS		FITS-based software utilities developed at GSFC
FTP		File Transfer Protocol
FTS		File Transfer (Sub-)System
FWHM		Full Width Half Maximum
GB	       	Gigabyte
GCF		Ground Calibration File
GIF		Graphics Interchange Format
Ginga		Japanese X-Ray astronomy mission launched 1987
GFURD		Ground Facilities User Requirements Document
GO		General Observer
GO 		Guest Observer
GRO		(Compton) Gamma-Ray Observatory
GSC		Hubble Guide Star Catalogue
GSE		Ground Support Equipment
GSFC		Goddard Space Flight Centre (NASA centre)
GSITT		Segment Integration and Test Team
GSM		Ground Segment Manager
GSRR		Ground Segment Requirements Review
GT		Guaranteed Time
GTI		Good Time Interval
GUI		Graphical User Interface
HC		Heater Controller
HDU		Header Data Unit
HE		High Energy
HEAO-1		NASA X-Ray Astronomy Mission
HEASARC 	High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Centre
HED		High Energy Detector
HER		High Energy Resolution (RGS read-out mode)
HEW		Half Energy Width
HK		HouseKeeping Data (temperatures,voltages, etc from spacecraft)
HKD		HouseKeeping Data
HOP		High Output Paraffin
HRI		High Resolution Imager (name of instrument on both ROSAT and Einstein)
HST		Hubble Space Telescope
HTML		Hyper Text Markup Language
HTR		High Time Resolution
HTRM		High Time Resolution Mode
HV		High Voltage
h/k		Housekeeping
IA		Interactive 
IAS		Interactive Analysis Subsystem (for XMM data)
IBIS		Image on-Board INTEGRAL	Spacecraft
IC		Instrument Controller
ICB		Instrument Control Bus (OM)
ICD		Interface Control Document
ICS		Instrument Command Sequence
ICU		Instrument Controller Unit (OM)
ID		Identification
ID		Identifier
IDL		Interactive Data Language (produced by Research Systems Inc.)
IDOH		Instrument Data Operations Handbook
IFOP		Instrument Flight Operation Procedures
IFOP		Instrument Flight Operation Plan
IFS		SSC-SOC Interface Sub-system
INT		Isaac Newton Telescope (on La Palma)
INTEGRAL	International Gamma Ray Astrophysics Laboratory
IoA 		Institute Of Astronomy University Of Cambridge
IP		Internet Protocol
IPC		Imaging Proportional Counter (X-ray detector)
IPF		Immediate Parameter File
IPP		Instrument Programmable Parameter
IRAF		Image Reduction and Analysis Facility (s/w environment supported by NOAO)
IRAS		Infra-Red Astronomy Satellite (NASA/ESA/UK project)
ISDN		Switching Digital Network
ISI		Infrared Space Observatory
ISIM  		Instrument Simulator
ISME		Instrument Software Maintenance Environment
ISS		Instrument Software System
ISS		Instrument Software Subsystem
IST		Integrated Systems Test
ISVF		Instrument Validation Facility
ITT		Integration and Test Team (based at Saclay)
I&T		Integration and Test
I&T WG 		Integration and Test Working Group
JANET		Joint Academic Network (UK academic part of Internet)
JD		Julian Day
JEM-X		Joint European Monitor for X-rays
JET-X		Joint European Telescope (on Russian Spectrum-X-Gamma)
JFET		Junction Field Effect Transistor
KAL		Keep Alive Loop
kB		KiloByte
kbps		Kilobytes Per Second
K-S		Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic (e.g. as variability test)
LAN 		Local Area Network
LE		Low Energy  
LED		Low Energy Detector
LEOP		Launch and Early Orbit Phase
LOS		Loss Of Signal
LTMS		Local Time Management System
LU		Leicester University
MA		Mirror Assembly
MB		MegaByte
MCR		Main Control Room
MCP		Multi Channel Plate
MCP		Micro-Channel Plate
MDS		Medium Deep Survey (project to study faint HST galaxies)
MIDAS		Munich Interactive Data Analysis System (ESO software environment)
MIP		Minimum	Ionising Particle
MIP		Mission Implementation Plan
MIR		Management Information Report
MIRD		Mission Implementation Requirements Documents
MJD		Modified Julian Date
ML		Maximum-Likelihood
MM		Mirror Model
MMDB		Mirror Metrology Database
MMI 		Man-Machine Interface
MOC		XMM Mission Operation Centre
MOD		Mission Operations Department (at ESOC)
MOD		Mission Operations Department (D/OPS)
MODB		MOC Operational Database
MOM		Mission Operations Manager
MOS		Metal Oxide Semi-conductor
MOUT		Message Out
MP 		Mission Planning
MPE		Max Planck Institut fur Extaterrestrische Physik, Garching
MPU		Mission Planning Unit
MRT		Mission Readiness Test
MSIM		Mirror Simulator
MSSL		Mullard Space Science Laboratory, College London
MUX		Multiplexer
NAG		Numerical Algorithms Group
NAG		Numerical Algorithms Group mathematical and statistical library
NCTRS		Network Command and Telemetry Router System
NDIU		Network Data Interface Unit
OAB	       	Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera (Italy)
OAD		Orbit and Attitude Division (at ESOC)
OAL		ODF Access Layer
OBDH		On-Board Data Handler
OBS 		On-Board Software
OBSM		On-Board Software Maintenance
OBSW		On-Board Software
ODBMS		Object-Oriented Data-Base Management System
ODF		Observation Data File (from XMM)
ODS		Operational Data Server
ODS		Observation Datafile Subsystem
OGIP		Office of Guest Investigator Programs (at GSFC)
OIU		Observer Interface Unit
OLA		Off-Line Analysis
OM		Optical Monitor (one of XMM instruments)
OM1		OM Telescope Unit
OM2		OM Digital Electronics Unit
OMC		Optical Monitoring Camera
OOA		Object-Oriented Analysis
OOD		Object-Oriented Design
OODBMS		Object-Oriented Data-Base Management System
OPS		Operations
Opsnet		Operational Network
ORATOS		Orbit and Attitude Operating System
OSF1		Open Systems Foundation brand of Unix (now called Digital Unix)
OSC		Offline Satellite Calibration (System)
OSIM		OM Simulator
OSW		OM Science Window
OTAC		Observing Time Allocation Committee
OTF		On-Target Flag
P/A		PreAmplifier
Perl		Interactive programming language available for Unix
PC		Personal Computer
PCMS		PPS Control & Monitoring (Sub-)System
PCS		Payload Calibration Subsystem
PCU		Power Conditioning Unit (RGS)
PDTS            PPS Data Transfer (Sub-)System
PGS		Proposal Generation System
PGO		Principal Guest Observer
PHA		Pulse Height Amplitude
PHA 		Pulse Height Analyzer
PHS		Proposal Handling Subsystem
PI		Principal Investigator
PI		Position Invariant
PMS		Payload Monitoring Subsystem
PMU		Payload Monitoring Unit
pn		p-type/n-type semiconductor (EPIC)
pn		PN junction CCD, a type used on XMM
P-N		Positive-Negative
PNG		Portable Network Graphics
POS		Preferred Observation Schedule
POS		Preferred Observation Sequence File
POSIX		Portbale Operating System Interface
POSS II		Palomar Observatory Sky Survey, second version
PPM		Position and Proper Motion (stellar catalogue)
PPS		XMM Pipeline Processing Subsystem
PRF		Point Response Subsystem
PROM		Programmable Read Only Memory
PROS		X-Ray data analysis package, part of IRAFm supported by CfA
PS		Project Scientist
PS		PostScript
PSD		Power Spectral Density
PSDF		Power Spectral Density Function 
PSF		Point-Spread Function
PSF		Planning Skeleton File
PSPC		Position Sensitive Proportional Counter (X-Ray instrument on ROSAT)
PSU	       	Power Supply Unit
PSS		Procedures, Specifications and Standards
PST		Project Science Team
PX		XMM Project Team (at ESTEC)
PX		XMM Project (Manager)
PXS		XMM Project Spacecraft (Section)
PXP		XMM Project Payload (Section)
QA		Quality Assurance
QE		Quantum Efficiency
QLA		Quicklook Analysis
QM		Qualification Model
QSO		Quasi-Stellar Object
RA		Right Ascension
RAE		RGS Analogue Electronics
RAID		Redundant of Inexpensive Discs
RAM		Random Access Memory
RCS		Revision Control System
RDBMS		Relational Data-Base Management System
RD		Reference Document
RDE		RGS Digital Electronic Unit 
REACH		REmote Access to Circular History-files
RFC		RGS Focal Camera Unit
RGA		RGS Grating Assembly
RGS		Reflection Grating Subsytem (XMM instrument)
RGS		Reflection Grating Spectrometer
RID		Review Item Discrepancy
RIXOS		ROSAT International X-Ray optical Survey (ID program for serendipitous ROSAT X-Rays sources)
RM		Radiation Monitor
RMF		Redistribution Matrix File
RMF		Response Matrix File
ROM		Read Only Memory
ROSAT		Roentgen Satellite (German-US-UK X-ray mission launched 1990)
RPC		RGS Power Converter
RPE		Relative Pointing Error
RPOS		Re-planned Preferred Observation Schedule
RPOS		Re-planned Preferred Observation Sequence File
RPS		Remote Proposal Submission
RRA		ROSAT Results Archive
RSIM		RGS Simulator
RT		Real Time
RTA		Real Time Analysis
SA		Astrophysics Division (ESTEC)
SAA		South Atlantic Anomaly
SAA		Solar Aspect Angle
SAG		Science Advisory Group
SAO		Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, Mass
SAS		Science Analysis Subsystem
SASS		Standard Analysis Software System (MPE package for ROSAT analysis)
SAST		Science Analysis Software Team
S/C 		Spacecraft
SCC		Spacecraft Coordinates
SCED		Engineering Department at ESOC
SCHISM		Science Simulator
SciSim		Science Simulator
SCOS		Spacecraft Control and Operations System
SCR		Software Change Request
SCSI		Small Computer Systems Interface, a common disc interface
SD		Screening Device
SDE		Software Development Environment
SDF		Slew Data File
SDOH		SOC Data Operations Handbook
SDM		SOC Development Manager
SDSS		Sloan Digital Sky Survey (optical CCD survey of pi steradians of Northern Sky using dedicated telescope)
SFOM		SOC Facility Operations Manual
SEU		Single Event Upset
SGS		Sequence Generation Subsystem
SHF		Short History File
SID		Structure Identifier
SIGMA		High Energy X-ray Instrument
SIM		Simulation Section (ESOC)
SIMBAD		Set of Identifications Measurements and Bibliography for Astronomical Data (Astronomical database at CDS)
SIP		Short Implementation Plan
SIP		Scientific Operations Centre Implementation Plan
SIRD		SOC Implementation Requirements Document
SLATEC		Sanida Los Alamos Technical Exchange Committee
SMD		Science Mission Division (ESOC)
SMT 		Software Maintenance Team
SNR		Super Nova Remnant
SOC		Science Operations Centre for XMM
SOM		Spacecraft Operations Manager (MOD)
SOPH		SOC Operation Procedures Handbook
SOVT		System Operations Validation Tests
SPACON		Spacecraft Controller (MOD)
SPEVAL		Spacecraft Evaluation System
SPI		Spectrometer for INTEGRAL
SPMP		Software Project Management Plan
SPR		Software Problem Report
SQA		Software Quality Assurance
SRAM		Sequential Random Access Memory
SRD		Software Requirements Document
SS		Survey Scientist for XMM
SSC		Survey Science Centre for XMM
SSC-DB		Survey Science Centre Database (at Leicester) 
SSD		Software Specification Document
SSD		Space Science Department (ESTEC)
SSI		Serial Synchronous Interface (OM)
SSID		Survey Science Interface Document
SSO		Solar System Object
SSRD		Specific Science Requirements Document
S/W		Software
ST-ECF		Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility (at ESO)
StC		Steering Committee
StG		Steering Group
STScI		Space Telescope Institute (at Baltimore)
STR		Star TRacker
SUM		Software Users Manual
Super JANET	Backbone Of JANET, UK academic computer network
SVF		Software Validation Facility
SVT		System Validation Test
SWT		Science Working Team
TB		TeraByte
TBC 		To Be Confirmed
TBC 		To Be Decided
TBW		To Be Written
TC		TeleCommand
TcI/Tk		Tool Control Language and Toolkit (software for building GUIs) 
TCP/IP		Networking Protocol used on Internet
TDF		Transaction Data File (in XFTS/AMS)
THR		Thruster
TIMEX		Time Multiplexer
TM		Telemetry
TMPSU		Telescope Module Power Supply Unit
TOO		Target Of Opportunity
UCT		Universal Time Code
UHURU		NASA's first X-ray satellite, launched 1970
URD		User Requirements Document
UT		Universal Time
UTC		Coordinated Universal Time
UV		Ultraviolet
VILSPA		Villafranca Station at Villafranca del Castillo, Spain
VLA		Very Large Array (Radio Telescope in New Mexico)
VOB		Vertical Optical Branch
V&V		Validation and Verification
WAN		Wide Area Network
WFC		Wide Field Camera (extreme UV telescope on ROSAT)
WG		Working Group
WHT		William Herschel Telescope (on La Palma)
WIMP		Window, Icon, Menu and Pop-up
wrt		With Respect To
WWW		World Wide Web
XANADU		Software collection originally from EXOSAT team, now supported by HEASARC
XFDS		XMM Flight Dynamics System (developed by OAD)
XFTS		XMM File Transfer (Sub-)System
XID		X-Ray Identification
XIDT		X-Ray Identification Team
XIMAGE		Image Display Package, part of XANADU
XMCS		XMM Mission  Control System (developed by DPD)
XMM	       	X-ray Multi Mirror Mission
XRONOS		Time-Series analysis package, part of XANADU
XSCS		XMM MOC Control System
XSELECT 	Data selection and binning tool, part of FTOOLS package
XSPEC		X-Ray spectral analysis package, part of XANADU
XTE		X-Ray Timing Explorer

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