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Explanation of documentation numbering system

The format for all VDFS documents issued by CASU should have the format:


This follows the ESO scheme outlined in http://www.ls.eso.org/documentation/id-keys.html However, this scheme is open to some interpretation and some further clarification is given here on how this is implemented at CASU.

BBB is the type of document. Applicable BBB codes are:

PLA Plan
SPE Specification
TRE Technical report
MAN Manual
MIN Minutes of Meeting
AMD Format of Amendments
CRE Change request
DAS Data Sheet
DDS Digital Data Storage
DNO Discrepancy Notice
DWG Drawing
ICD Configuration Data Item List
INS Instruction
LIS List
MEM Memo
RFW Request for Waiver
SCH Schematic/layout/diagram
SOW Statement of work
etc. etc.

nnnnn is the product structure code. It was decided at CASU that this would be the CASU VDFS work package number. Thus, documents concerning PSF fitting get a -00016- code. Consideration was given to coding in the task number as well as the work package number, but it was thought that this level of detail would lead to difficulty in classifying some documents.

00001 Management and definition of project responsibilities
00003 Pipeline infrastructure and pipeline progress monitoring tools
00004 Set up and manage raw science archive
00005 Set up and manage data processing system hardware
00006 Run standard pipeline
00007 Development work for summit pipeline
00008 Development and testing of standard 2d processing
00009 Development and testing of standard catalogue products
00010 Setup trial and run further processing pipeline
00011 Photometric standards and calibration
00012 Further development of DQC measures at summit and Cambridge
00013 Co-located list driven photometry
00014 Stacking and mosaicing
00015 Continuum subtraction and basic difference imaging
00016 Interpolation techniques and PSF modeling

(Work package 2 is missing for a reason)

mmmm is a unique four-digit sequential number. At CASU we have used the interpretation of unique as meaning the whole number hence VDF-TRE-IOA-00016-0002 is the second document in the VDF-TRE-IOA-00016- series.

Note that this is different to the uniqueness criterion used for the VLT project where it seems VLT-ESO-mmmm is the unique part of the document number with BBB and nnnnn being additional information. For the VISTA project documents the type and originator codes are excluded from the uniqueness criterion, thus VIS-nnnnn-mmmm is the unique part.

Work package 2: ESO VISTA software interface deliverables and documentation

Since the documents of CASU Work Package 2 are ESO deliverables, they are numbered by the VISTA Project Office and follow the scheme: VIS-BBB-IOA-20000-mmmm.

The numbering of these documents is not controlled by CASU.

The numbering of CASU documents related to VISTA that are not ESO deliverables will follow the VDF-BBB-IOA-nnnnn-mmmm scheme.

Dafydd Wyn Evans (dwe @ ast.cam.ac.uk)
Last modified: Wed Apr 28 16:20:53 2004