WFCAM processed data quality control

Document number: VDF-TRE-IOA-00012-0001 Version 1

Jonathan Irwin (

19 August 2003


A Perl script has been developed to generate data quality control (DQC) summary information, intended to be run after pipeline processing has completed. The script generates a WWW page containing various diagnostic plots, to be viewed by staff in order to assess the quality of the data. These pages are intended also to be archived for access by external users in a similar manner to the current INT wide field camera (WFC) system.

Example output

A night of pipeline-processed CIRSI data from the run on the INT has been used to perform a test-run of the scripts. The standard CASU pipeline software has been used to process the data, including photometric calibration against the 2MASS point source catalogue. A copy has been ingested into the prototype WFCAM DQC database.

The following generated HTML output is available:

Photometric calibration

The calculated zeropoints for the stacked frames are tabulated below.

DetectorMedianMeanSigma (MAD)Num stds used

Postscript plots of the calculated photometric zero-points as a function of time are available below: