WFCAM pipeline milestones


 Target date Date completed
1. Complete and sign-off ICD between JAC and CASU. 30/09/200331/10/2003
2. End-to-end demonstration of one common observing mode through to catalogue generation and provisional photometric and astrometric calibration based on 2MASS psc. To be run in the CASU environment and based on a night of dummy wfcam CIRSI data. To include all expected signature removal which is possible in advance of receiving actual data from wfcam. 30/09/200301/09/2003
3. End-to-end demonstration of operation of one mode in both ORACDR and CASU pipelines including comparitive tests of existing (Starlink-based) pipeline, the CASU-based ORACDR and the CASU pipeline. Should use existing UFTI data for compatiblity issues. 31/10/200306/10/2003
4. Demonstration of production of catalogue-based and non-catalogue-based DQCs (e.g. 5-sigma sensitivity limit in the simple example above; others - sky brightness etc. - are specified in the requirements document). Use of index files in the ORACDR case. 31/10/200306/10/2003
5. Demonstration of ability to seamlessly handle multicolour variants (ie. different filters) of the simple mode. Both ORACDR and CASU versions. 31/12/200301/06/2004
6. Demonstration of display system in the ORACDR case - disp.dat usage. 31/12/200306/10/2003
7. Demonstration of handling successfully all input data specs in the requirements document. August 2005 
8. Demonstration of meeting spec in areas amenable to tuning (photometric accuracy, astrometry calibration, etc. August 2005 


Task requirements to be fulfilled for summit pipeline software

This is a list of the processing tasks that will need to be available to ORACDR plus ancillary infrastructure tasks. All processing steps will produce a version and timestamp in the file headers and record derived DQC-like information in the FITS headers. Completed modules, insofar as is possible in advance of real WFCAM on-sky data, are "ticked" off.

Things not yet currently covered that are in Pipeline Science Requirements

Extra task requirements for Cambridge Standard Pipeline

Last updated: 6th July 2005