1.  CASU to produce updated CDR document taking account of recent       
    discussions - needs timeline for various components                 ONGOING
2.  WFAU to produce updated document ditto, both by end of           
    December                                                            ONGOING
3.  MJI to contact MMC about acquiring recent WFCAM test data,             
    (received test data and report)                                     DONE
4.  STH Dome flats -v- twilight flats -v- dark sky flats, test data    
    still needed, STH to try again in December - nada.  AA to
    attempt with UFTI on 15th January                                   ONGOING
5.  JRL to get prototype WFCAM FITS header for images and forward to    
    WFAU for comments                                                   ONGOING
6.  JRL to put together example data and catalogues from CIRSI data    
    for use in tests of ingestion, stacking/mosaicing at WFAU           ONGOING
7.  SJW to contact MMC about commissioning duration and plans,          
    particularly with regard to setting up photometric standard fields  ONGOING
8.  STH assuming CASU processes the data who is going to do colour  
    equations produce the standards and (keep updating them) do meso    STH
    slew tests - STH??? +??? decide                                     VOLUNTEERED
9.  MJI to ask MMC about plans for DAS 5s exposures, 16 bit alternative 
    data format                                                         DEBATING
10. SJW to set up simulations to test parameter generation software,    
    sensitivity to seeing etc...                                        ONGOING
11. SJW to provide/select a night of UFTI/UIST data to compare 2D       
    processing                                                          ONGOING
12. WFAU to do more tests to find bottleneck in network connectivity 
    between Cambridge and Edinburgh.  Current large scale transfer
    achieved speed at 2.4 Mbit/s is hopeless                            ONGOING
13. CASU to forward prototype stacking and mosaicing software to WFAU for 
    tests.                                                              DONE

Last modified: Thu Jan 9 14:26:32 2003