Graphics Card Computing for Cosmology

In the past couple of years both Nvidia and AMD/ATI have released extremely powerful graphics cards along with software development kits to enable programmers to exploit this performance for general purpose computation.

Interested in using such cards for cosmology, I have been able to purchase two Nvidia cards and supporting hardware with the aid of a Foundational Questions Institute mini-grant.

I have put together some pages detailing my experiences:

More recently, I have begun experimenting with an AMD/ATI card, in part because of its double precision support and also because AMD/ATI provide documentation and access to the machine-level code, which potentially should be very useful for optimization and understanding, as well as for the intermediate level code.

I've started to put together some information on this option too:

See the "Many-core and Reconfigurable Supercomputing Network" pages for information about other UK academics using GPUs/accelerators and other useful links:

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