Key project material

  • Proposal
  • Fiducial sensitivity figures for VISTA on Vega system
  • Fiducial sensitivity figures for SDSS in AB magnitudes
  • UKIRT + UFTI sensitivities
  • CIRSI Public INT Survey
  • Robert Sharp VISTA related QSO analysis
  • Robert's "Work in progress zone"
  • Effect of IGM on QSO colours
  • WWW pages for CFHT VIZ z>5 QSO survey [internal only]
  • WWW pages for INT WFS z>4 QSO survey
  • WHT z>5 proposal see the above INT WFS link for the figs and tex
  • WWW pages for XMM z>4 QSO survey [internal only]
  • The Optical/Near-IR Colours of Red Quasars, Francis et al, 1999 astro-ph/9911195
  • Neil Reid spectra of M, L and T dwarfs

    FIRST, LBQS and z>4 Quasars detected in 2MASS survey

  • n(m) and n(z)
  • colour plots and tracks

    2MASS Magnitude Limits

    from the 2MASS Level 1 Science Requirements

    (For unconfused sources outside of the Galactic Plane (|b|>10°), and outside of any confusion-limited areas of the sky outside of the Galactic Plane.)

    Magnitude Limits
    Band Wavelength (µm)Point Sources (SNR=10) Extended Sources

    Note: At SNR=10, sigma(mag) = 2.5 / ln 10 = 0.109. Also, the feasibility of the point source requirement at H is uncertain, due to lack of knowledge of background variations.

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