VHS Survey Management Plan(SMP) preparation page

  • VHS Survey Management Plan(SMP) [June, 2007 resubmission; accepted by ESO in Nov, 2007]

  • Draft VHS Survey Management Plan (version submitted to ESO on 2007-02-16) [ VHS Responses to ESO feedback on the Draft VHS SMP ]

    Key dates:

  • ESO Guidelines for the preparation of Survey Management Plans - VISTA (GEN-PLA-ESO-31000-0002)
  • http://www.vista.ac.uk/vdfs/esoqc1/
  • VDFS Review Documents [ Pipeline: Cambridge, CASU ] [ Science Archive: Edinburgh, WFAU ]
  • Proposed VHS catalogue parameter list [VDF-SPE-IOA-00009-0001 Version 4, Irwin, 2007]
  • VHS Quality Control, Assurance and Assessment Process
  • VHS coverage in degrees per hour of RA

    Issue that are not addressed in the submitted SMP

    1. Jitter step size; need to check what the UKIDSS LAS value is. Also other UKIDSS LAS implentation parameters e.g. tile overlap LAS Implementation notes
    2. Orientation of VISTA camera could be PA=90. i.e. long edge overlaps within a stripe. This could be a better strategy that having the 50% coverage overlap along between stripes.
    3. SDSS and 2MASS overlap is 1' along edges. UKIDSS LAS is a minimum overlap of 3% which is 25arcsec. Need to compute the number of stars objects that would be detected at S/N of 10 within the overlap regions.
    4. For 30" overlap tiling the effect tile size is 1.614. For this tiling VHS requires 3025hours.
    5. Priority of regions of astrophysical interest e,g, the Galactic clusters shown in Figure 1.
    6. SDSS Stripe82 and Stripe dec=-6 strips [note it is not aligned exactly in dec]
    7. Herschel GT and OT survey regions
    8. Need to define a minimum acceptable criteria for survey depth since limits at the moment are all median depths. Maybe respecify the median depth at 10sigma and specify the minimum depth as a factor of 2 below this i.e. all sky has a minimum 5sigma depth fainter than the median 10sigma depth. i.e. a factor of two.

    Richard G. McMahon <rgm@ast.cam.ac.uk>
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