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  • ESO Messenger Article on ESO VISTA and VST Public Surveys
  • VHS mentioned in BBC story about VISTA
  • Fast fact summary


  • Version 4.2 [pdf] [tex] Submitted to PSP for Sep, 29th, 2006 resubmission: [ Appendix B; Response to PSP feedback ] [ESOFORM(pdf)] [all files] [tar file]
  • Grapical overview [v1] [v2] [v3] [v4] [v5] [v6] [v7](used in SMP)
  • UKIDSS Progress SkyMap png
  • Version 3 [pdf] [tex] Submitted to PSP for March 2006 call for proposals
  • Proposal Planning Wiki [hosted on Astrogrid Wiki]
  • Brief description of baseline survey [v3] [out of date; new version in preparation]

    Survey Management Plan

    ESO Public Survey Materials

  • ESO Public Surveys
  • Policies for ESO Public Surveys
  • ESO Public Surveys(PS) Call
  • P2PP: FuturePlanned future developments of P2PP
  • Feedback from the Public Survey Panel(PSP) [ txt ] [ Word ]
  • Agenda for the PSP meeting on XX, June, 2006 [ txt ] [ Word ]
  • ESO SMP VISTA Guidelines
  • Seeing and weather statistics on Paranal

    Issues to be resolved

  • Star counts: SIMULATIONS: Expected galaxy and starcounts; TRILEGAL for star counts; ncmod for galaxy counts; [ Besancon model ]
  • Galaxy counts:
  • Reddening: Schlegel Reddening Maps
  • 10 Largest galaxies:

    VST Surveys

  • KIDS Website
  • ATLAS Website
  • VST-ISW Redbook

    Sky Survey Project Related Websites

  • Dark Energy Survey(DES) Project management website [ White Paper ] [ DES proposal to NOAO contains the Design Reference Survey on page 71]
  • South Pole Telescope: Project Website
  • PLANCK website at ESA
  • HERSCHEL website at ESA
  • AKARI(Astro-F)
  • 2MASS at IPAC
  • WISE [ Ned Wright(WISE PI) Webpage ]
  • LSST
  • SASIR: The Synoptic All-Sky Infrared (SASIR) Survey
  • Pan-Starrs
  • SDSS

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