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This is the CIRSI base WWW Homepage at LCO and has the location /home/www/users/rgm on

Access is currently restricted by IP number to LCO, OCIW, and IOA. Password access will be added to some pages in due course.

1999-May-20: CIRSI and the DuPont deliver images with FWHM of 0.54 arcsecs in H

Contact info for rgm and mgb

Global WWW pages

More Specific WWW pages

Pixcel-IR docs The CIRSI specific material is in Chapter 0

  • CIRSI Dewar Status Reports
  • LCO Pixel ini file : pixcel.ini.19990511.lco
  • ING Pixel ini file : pixcel.ini.19981101.2147
  • example FITS header from irx_02748_c1_001.fits 15 May [some IRAF processing keywords are included]
  • example FITS header from irx_02748_c3_001.fits 15 May [some IRAF processing keywords are included]

    Miscellaneous WWW pages

  • SEDs Messier Catalogue Nice images and loads of usefil info

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