Martin Rees: Short Articles & Miscellaneous Journalism

Evidence at hearings on international collaboration in space. Congressional Record (US) 16-18 May 1978.
Form and Grosse des Universums, Nene Zurcher Zeitung, 9 January 1980.
Britain's future in Space. Argo pamphlet (Jan. 1985).
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Simply cosmic. Science and Public Affairs, Autumn 1991, p31-40.
Ripples from the edge of time Guardian 24th April 1992.
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Cosmic connections. Physics World, September, 1992.
Home life of a scientific genius (review/feature about Einstein) Sunday Telegraph Sept. 5 1993.
Cosmology: evidence for a big bang. European Review 2, 155 (1994).
A new look at the Cosmos. The World in 1994, p144 (Economist publications)
Active galaxies. Science Watch, 5, No. 3 (March 1994)
Science in the media. Science and Public Affairs Autumn 1994, p3.
Cambridge Astronomy from Newton to Hawking. Cambridge Magazine No. 35 p66
Universal Picture. Times Higher Ed. Supp. 30 June 1995, p18-19
Scientists and the public. Independent 5 Sept 1995.
The University for scientific discovery. Financial Times 12 Sept 1995.
Steps to the big question. Daily Telegraph 13 Sept 1995.
Reminiscences of S Chandrasekhar. New Scientist 30 Sept 1995.
Importance of being innovative. New Scientist, 25 Nov. 1995 p57.
A climate for discovery and invention. Science and Public Affairs, Winter 1995 p3.
Operating in a vacuum. Sunday Times Magazine, Jan. 7 1996 p20.
The most distant galaxies. The Independent, Jan 18 1996
A guided tour of space. Sunday Times, 2 June 1996.
When it comes to the crunch. Review of 'Time's Arrow' by H. Price in Times 25 July 1996
Keeping good time. Review of 'Longitude' by D. Sobel in Sunday Times, 11 August 1996.
Obituary of R.J. Tayler. Physics World, March 1997 p80
Life, the Universe and Everything. Features in Daily Telegraph, 15 January, 1997.
Wading out of the Soup - review of 'Life: and unauthorised biography' by R. Fortey. Sunday Telegraph, 3 August 1997.
Big Science needs the right choices. Physics World (Aug. 1997) pp 15-16
Preface to 'Greenwich Time' by Derek Howse (2nd edition) (OUP)
Reviews of books by T. Ferris and A. Guth. Times, 28 August 1997.
Preface to 'The Little Book of the Big Bang' by Craig Hogan (Springer 'Copernicus') 1998
Future of RGO. Astronomy Now p. 19 Sept. 1997
Advice for 1988. Sunday Telegraph, Dec 28 1997.
Obituary of D. Schramm Physics World, p68, March 1998.
Multiverses. "Whole Earth Magazine" Winter 1997 issue p 691.
Is anybody out there? Tines, May 30 1998.
Preface to 'Visions of Heaven', by Tom Wilkie and Mark Rosselli (Hodder).
Interview with Claudia Dreyfus 'New York Times' 28 April 1998.
Interview in Frankfurter Allgemeine magazine. June 26 1998.
Interview in Aargauer Zeitung und die Welt, July 18 1998
"Help Guide us through the Universe". Article in Daily Telegraph, December 2, 1998
"The next giant leap for mankind". Article in Sunday Times Magazine, December 6, 1998
Interview in Bessere Umwelt, 3/4 1998, pp73-78
Review of "Patrick Moore on Mars". Sunday Telegraph, December 20, 1998
"Why young boffins are better". Daily Telegraph, January 6, 1999
"Is anyone out there?". Review in Times, May 6 1999
"A European perspective on Space" Science, 284, 1121 (1999)
Our future in the stars. Daily Telegraph, 17 July 1999
Total Revelations. Sunday Telegraph, 1 August 1999
Head to Head. In Sovereign No. 26 pp 38-44 (Summer 1999)
Eclipse Books (lead book review). The Times, August 5 1999
What I believe. Daily Express, August 4 1999
Millennium briefing: the cosmos for beginners. Prospect, Oct 1999 pp 50-53
Our lives are numbered. Article in Sunday Telegraph Oct 10, 1999
Is Earth on a Collision Course? Daily Mail January 5, 2000
Saturday Essay. Daily Mail Jan. 22, 2000
Six Cosmic Numbers. Astronomy Now (June 2000)
Editorial. Science in Parliament. 57, 2 p3
Preface: Collins Encyclopaedia of the Universe
"Comment" (feature article on 'brain drain') Independent July 28, 2000
Why is there life? Discover Nov 2000 pp 64-69
Foreword: Encyclopaedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IoP)
"The Magic Furnace" (review) Natural History, March 2001
Hallo hier Erde - hort da draufien jemand zu? Die Welt (feature) Jan 9, 2001
Obituary of H.A. Bruck (Proc Pont Acad Sci)
Obituaries of D.W. Sciama in Astronomy and Geophysics, DNB, and Proc APS
Review of Aeons by Martin Gorst. Sunday Times (June 10, 2001)
Review of Time Travel in Einstein's Universe. Sunday Times (July 15, 2001)
Feature on Cosmology. T.H.E.S. July 27, 2001
Life in the multiverse. Independent, January 4, 2002
A final theory? Independent, January 11, 2002
Searching for life on alien Earth. Daily Telegraph, January 23, 2002
What the stars really tell us. Sunday Times, January 13, 2002
Things are as they are because they were as they were. Q A Science 2, 38-40 (2002)
Planet on brink of destruction. THES, April 18, 2003, pp 20-21
Not Worth the Paper. New Scientist, November 23, 2002 p 27
The dark side of science. Time (Europe), May 12, 2003 p 51
Death Wishes. Sunday Times (full-page article), April 13, 2003
The Final Countdown. New Scientist, May 3 2003, pp 30-34
Preface to "Asteroids" by Patrick Moore and Arthur C Clarke
Laten we het heelal koloniseren. Knack, April 2002, pp 38-44
Space needs millionaires. Foreign Policy, July-August, 2003, pp 90-92
Stars in our eyes obscure the view. THES, May 30, 2003, pp 23-27
Our greatest quest. New Scientist. July 12, 2003, pp 30-34
This mission is brought to you by ... Guardian Science Supplement, July 9 2003, p 10
Stars in their eyes. Guardian Review. March 29, 2003
Preface to "History of Greenwich" by Emily Winterburn
Preface to "Astrophysics Update", edited by John Mason (Springer-Verlag/Praxis)
Review of "The Music of the Primes" by M de Sautoy. The Times, August 13, 2003
Review of "From Quarks to Quasars" ed M Turner. Nature, September 2003
Next giant leap for mankind. Daily Telegraph. December 20, 2003
Next Step: a man on Mars. Daily Mail. December 26, 2003
Small, cheap and a giant leap for Britain. Observer. Dec 28, 2003
21st century science. Dail Mail. January 3, 2004
Heart of Darkness. "Popular Mechanics". March 2004. pp 28-37
Aufbruch in die Unsterblichkeit. Geowissen. March 2004, pp 84-91
Articles in "Independent", 16 & 24 Dec 2004
Article in "Daily Telegraph" based on Faraday lecture 26 Jan 2005
3-part article in "Astrobiology Magazine" Jan 2005
Review of "Empire of the Stars" by A I Miller. "Sunday Times" March 6 2005
"Leave costly spaceflight to the adventurers", Daily Mail feature. 11 Aug 2005
"Life and the Universe", Daily Mail feature. 18 Aug. 2005
Review of "Space Race" by Deborah Cadbury and "Planets" by Dava Sobel. Times. 10 Sept 2005
Einstein as physicist, ethicist and icon. "The Liberal" 5 pp8-12 (2005)
Calling the aliens. Feature article in "The Times", Oct 15 2005
On the brink of eternity. Science and Spirit May/June 2005
Putting ideas into words. Daily Telegraph. 17 Dec 2005
A long trek ahead. Parliamentary Brief. Feb 2006
John Bahcall obituary. Physics Today, July 2006 p 63-65 (with R May)
Euro Superpower as our launch pad for success. Times Higher Ed. Supp. 10 Aug 2006
The G8 on energy: too little. Science 313, 571 (2006)
"Joseph Rotblat: Peacemaker" in Joseph Rotblat: Visionary for Peru, ed R Braun et al. p229 (Wiley)
Preface to Joseph Rotblat memorial volume (University of Liverpool)
"Intelligent Life" in What we believe but cannot prove, ed J Brockman, p1 (Free Press)
"Science and Security" in Science and Public Affairs, Dec 2006, p6.
"Promoting excellence in science and research", F S T journal 19, No. 4, p6 (2006)
"Science may be running out of control" in "What is your dangerous idea?" ed J Brockman, p35 (Harper)
Stephen Hawking: a 65th birthday appreciation. Daily Telegraph (Jan 8, 2007)
"Beyond Kyoto" Optima 53 , 4-11 (2007)
Ist das Leben ein Simulation? Welt der Wunder Oct 2007
Grounds for Optimism, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. 63 Jan-Feb p32-34
Next 20 years in astronomy. Observatory 128 171-5 (2008)
Preface to "Jesse Ramsden", by Anita McConnell (Ashgate 2007)
Funding cuts threaten scientific research. Daily Telegraph (Jan 15, 2008)
Let's forget NASA's fancy ideas, Times (14 Feb. 2008)
We are the "waste" from distant stars. Guardian (May 1, 2008)
The Building Blocks. Guardian (June 30, 2008)
Techno-Optimism and the Energy Challenge in "What are you optimistic about"? ed J Brockman (Harper 2008) pp 16-18
We are the custodians of a post-human future, in "What have you changed your mind about?" ed J Brockman (in press)
Why we should celebrate Charles Darwin. Daily Telegraph (July 1, 2008)
The end may be nigh, Europe's World, Autumn 2008 pp 138-145
Preface to 'Life of Sir Joseph Rotblat', by Kit Hill
LHC; particle accelerator to replicate birth of the universe, Daily Telegraph 8 Sept 2008
Carbon Capture stations must not be delayed, Financial Times September 18, 2008
Preface to 'Idiot's guide to string theory', by George Musser
ET may be there, but will he call? The Times October 21, 2008
Unless we get smarter we'll get poorer, Daily Telegraph 22 October 22, 2008
Darwin's double anniversary, RSA Journal, December 2008
Foreword to 'The Vanishing Face of Gaia' by James Lovelock (Penguin, 2009)
Beyond a 'theory of everything', Seed (Feb 2009 issue)
Pondering astronomy in 2009, editorial in 'Science' 323, 309 (Jan 16 issue)
Foreword, Public Science Review (first issue)
The Stimulus of Science. Guardian 16 April 2009
It's not rocket science: we must raise our game. The Times 23 June 2009
What the future looks like. Guardian 26 May 2009
Our next giant leap will need private backing. The Times 22 July 2009
Give scientists the freedom to be wrong. Daily Telegraph 19 August 2009
Communicating Science. The Times (Eureka) 8 October 2009
Scientific advice must be respected. The Times 5 November 2009
Wanted: new merchants of light. The Times 30 November 2009
Are we alone in the universe (lead book review). The Times 6 March 2010
Science's Nuclear Responsibility. Guardian 4 April 2010
Preface to "30-second Theories", ed P Parsons (with Des Brown) (Ivy Press)
The unstoppable spirit of enquiry. Daily Telegraph 9 February 2010
We may never discover how the universe ticks. The Times 31 May 2010
We'll have to change or we'll lose the talent. The Times 17 July 2010
Open letter on climatic change. 'Times' and numerous foreign newspapers, October 2010
Securing our future prosperity. FST Journal, November 2010
Ten questions science must answer. Guardian, 30 November 2010
350 years and counting. Chemistry World, November 2010
Scientific standing, once lost, is hard to regain. Research Fortnight 17 November 2010
The Royal Society's wider role. 'Science' 328 , 1611 (2010)
Lifebelt for UK science. 'Science' 330, 731 (2010)
In search of ET. Prospect, December, 2010
In Gagarin's footsteps. Prospect, April 2011
Guest column. 'New Statesman', 25 April 2011
Are we all doomed? 'New Statesman' 6 June 2011
le dernier siecle? 'Perspective Strategique' pp40-46Sept 2011
Luring innovators with Longitude prizes? 'The Times', 17 Sept. 2011
Educating Einsteins. 'The Guardian', 18 Sept. 2011
Back to the beginning. 'Newsweek' 26 Dec. 2011
My friend Stephen Hawking. 'The Times', 7 Jan. 2012
Boldly going to the wild frontier. 'Daily Telegraph', 10 Jan. 2012
Arms and the man (review of Joseph Rotblat biography). Nature 481, 438 (2012)
The limits of science. 'New Statesman' 26 May (2012)
Some now living will walk on Mars. 'Times' 8 August 2012
Neil Armstrong. 'Guardian', 27 August 2012
Doing Donuts on Mars: the Possibilities of NASA's Curiosity. 'Newsweek', 27 August 2012
Even a theory of everything has limits. 'Daily Telegraph', 10 September 2012
Are we alone in the Universe? - We'll know soon. 'Guardian', 16 September 2012
Preface to "The 30 second Astronomer".
Our Universities need the Californian Dream. 'Times', 22 October 2012
Education for all. 'Prospect', December 2012
Parable of the talents. 'THE', 8 November 2012
A warning from the asteroid hunters. 'Wall Street Journal', 13 March 2013 (with Ed Lu)
Preface to 'Eddington Lectures' , edited by V Heine (CUP)
Patrick Moore in 'The Times', 10 December 2012
Risking it all. For Project Syndicate (international)
Denial of catastrophic risks, 'Science', 339, 1123 (2013)
Last Word: Cosmos. 'RSA Journal', Spring 2013, p50.
Star trek: how post-humans could colonise other worlds. Daily Telegraph, 3 May 2013.
Technology will set us free. Evening Standard, 18 October 2013.
Time for global statistics we can count on. Nature, October 2013
China must aim further than the Moon. Independent, 20 December 2013
Let invention take flight as it did 300 years ago. Times, 24 May 2014
A Longitude Prize for the 21st Century. Nature 509, 401 (2014)
The future of Physics. Wall Street Journal, 7 July (2014)
Life on Mars would change everything we know. Daily Telegraph, 18 December (2014)
Goldilocks planet: deep in space we may have found our twin. Daily Telegraph, 8 January 2015
Robots can enrich humanity - as long we we control them. Evening Standard, 23 January 2015.
Solar eclipse 2015. Daily Telegraph. 20 March 2015.
How soon will robots take over? Daily Telegraph, 23 May 2015.
The importance and limits of the Haldane principle. Research Fortnight, pp20-21, 24 June 2015.
Tracing the trajectory between blue skies and the bottom line. Times High Ed., 2 July 2015.
Cheer up, the post-human era is dawning. Financial Times. 11/12 July 2015.
Pluto is but a launchpad in our search for alien life. Sunday Times, 19 July 2015.
Let's listen for alien life - and remember we might not understand it. Guardian, 20 July 2015.
Expect As, and not ET, to be calling up if SETI succeeds. New Scientist, August 2015.
Searches for alien life are worth the gamble, even if the odds are against us. Huffington Post, 24 July, 2015
This crime against future generations. The Times, 15 August 2015
Scientists and politicians must rally together to tackle climate change. Financial Times, 4 September 2015
Climate change is the moonshot of our time. Nautilus, Nov-Dec 2015
A walk on Mars is a step to the stars. Financial Times, 2 October 2015
My mentor Dennis Sciama. T.H.E. 9 October 2015
Why alien life will be robotic. Nautilus, Nov-Dec 2015
My hero: Lisa Jardine. Guardian, 31 October 2015
Human spaceflight: is it worth the risk? Daily Telegraph, 14 Jan 2016
Gravitational Waves: Einstein was right. Daily Telegraph. 10 Feb. 2016
Discovery of Gravitational Waves. Independent, 11 Feb. 2016
Why leaving the EU would be bad for British Science. Huffington Post. 11 Mar. 2016
The case for the EU. "House" magazine, 11 Mar. 2016
Is anybody out there? Daily Mirror. 20 April, 2016.
The 21st Century in "Visions of the Future" (Lifeboat Foundation 2015)
Machine-based alien life. "Focus" May issue.
Preface to "The Cambridge Phenomenon: Global Impact" ed Charles Cotton.
Editorial "Science and Technology" (March 2016)
The proposed reforms to UK research are needlessly drastic. Guardian 15 June 2016
The Anthropocene Epoch. Guardian 29 August 2016
These new worlds are just the start. Daily Telegraph 22 February 2017
Watching the doomsday clock together. T.H.E, 9 February 2017
Foreword to "Introduction to existential risks" by P Torres

(Various interviews, blogs, contributions to Hansard, Q & As, etc are not included in this list.)

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