Martin Rees: Chapters in books, non-astronomical papers and longer popular articles

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Keynote Lecture, 7th Astrobiology Conference, April 2008
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The Challenges to Science, Athenaeum (2008)
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A new way of doing science. Prospect, October 2010
Anniversary Address 2010. "Notes and Records of the Royal Society" 65, 197-205 (2011)
Universities in a networked world, "Politeia" publication (2012)
One Universe or many? "Prospect", May 2012
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Preface to 'George Lemaitre: Life, Science and Legacy', eds R Holder and S Mitton (Springer, 2013)
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A Cosmic Perspective on the Environment. "Environmental Law Association Journal" (2013)
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We kunnen niet alles weten, maar wel onderzoeken, "Nexus" 66, 92-120 (2014)
Progress on Cosmology: an environmental and fundamental science "European Review" 23, 279-286 (2015)
Existential Threats, proc PAS/PASS conference on "Sustainable World"
The world in 2050. New Statesman, 5 December (2014).
Stephen Hawking's life is a triumph of intellect over adversity. "New Statesman" (Jan 21, 2015)
Neighbourhood watch. "Wired" 116-123 (April 2015)
Interstellar travel and post humans. In "The Next Step" (BBVA publications), pp 380-404
Preface to new edition of "Brief History of Time". Folio Society (2016)
SETI and inorganic intelligence. Chapter in "Aliens" ed J Al-Khalili, pp 11-25 (Profile Books)
Surviving the century. Nierenberg Lecture, published as five articles in Huffington Post
The future of NASA. Wired, October 2016
Pale Blue Dot in "The Earth and I" pp 14-30 (Taschen)
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From Mars to the Multiverse (Erasmus Lecture). European Review (in press)
Geoffrey Burbidge 1925-2010 in "Biographical Memoirs of Royal Society" (with M S Longair)
Thoughts on 50 years in astrophysics and cosmology - and on what comes next. In "Gravity and the Quantum" ed J Bagla and S Engineer pp 353-362 (Springer)
Preface to "Quest for Gravitational Waves" by G Schilling (Harvard UP)

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