Martin Rees

Date of Birth 23 June 1942
1963BA (Mathematics)
Trinity College, Cambridge
1967MA, Ph.D

2012Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge
1995-Astronomer Royal
2001- Honorary Professor: Imperial College, London and Leicester University

Previous Jobs:
1968Research Fellow, Caltech
1967-69Fellow, Jesus College, Cambridge
1967-72Staff member, Institute of Theoretical Astronomy, Cambridge
1969-72Senior Research Fellow, King's College, Cambridge
1969-70Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey
Spring 1971Visiting Associate Professor, Caltech
1972, 1988-89Visiting Professor, Harvard University
1972-73Professor, Sussex University
1976-77Gresham Professor of Astronomy
1982, 1996, 1997 Visiting Professor, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Jan-June 1984Joint Coordinator of programme on galaxy formation, etc. at Institute of Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara
1984-88Regents Visiting Fellow of Smithsonian Institution
1973-91Plumian Professor of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy, Cambridge University
Spring 1995JSPS visitor, Kyoto University
1977-82 and 1987-91Director, Institute of Astronomy
1973-91Professorial Fellow, King's College, Cambridge
1992-2003Royal Society Professor at Cambridge University
1992-2003Official Fellow King's College, Cambridge
2002-2009Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics, Cambridge
2004-2012Master of Trinity College, Cambridge

Society and Academy Memberships:
1975 Foreign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1979 Fellow of Royal Society
1981 Fellow of Institute of Physics (Honorary Fellow 2001- )
1982 Foreign Associate: National Academy of Sciences (USA)
1989 Member of Academia Europaea
1989-99 Fellow of Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
1990 Member of Pontifical Academy of Sciences
1990 Honorary Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences
1993 Foreign Member: American Philosophical Society
1993 Foreign Member: Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
1994 Honorary Member: Russian Academy of Sciences
1996 Honorary Member: Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
1996 Foreign Member, Academia Lincei
1998 Foreign Member, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
2001 Honorary Fellow of British Association
2003 Foreign Member Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters
2007 Honorary Fellow: Royal Academy of Engineering
2007 Associate Fellow: T W A S
2012 Honorary Fellow: Academy of Medical Sciences
2012 Foreign Member: Turkish Academy of Sciences
2012 Honorary Fellow: British Academy
2014 Foreign Member: Japan Academy
2016 Honorary Fellow: Learned Society of Wales

Awards and honours:
1975 H. P. Robertson Award & Lectureship (Nat. Acad. Sci.)
1982 Hopkins Prize (Cam. Phil. Soc.)
1984 Heineman Prize for Astrophysics (A.I.P.)
1986 Bappu Memorial Award of Indian Nat. Sci. Acad.
1987 Gold Medal of Royal Astron. Soc
1989 Guthrie Medal and Prize. Inst. of Physics (UK)
1989 Karl Schwarzschild Award of Astronomische Gesellschaft
1989 Balzan Prize
1990 Robinson Prize for Cosmology
1991 Officier dans I'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres
1992 Knight Batchelor
1993 Bruce Medal, Astr. Soc. Pacific
1996 Science writing award. American Institute of Physics
1998 Bower Prize and Award for Science, Franklin Institute
2000 Golden Plate Award, International Academy of Achievement
2000 Rossi prize (AAS)
2001 Cosmology Prize, Gruber Foundation
2003 Einstein Award of World Cultural Council
2004 Descartes Prize (member of winning collaboration)
2004 Faraday Award (Roy Soc)
2005 Crafoord Prize (Royal Swedish Academy)
2005 Life Peerage
2005 Niels Bohr Medal (UNESCO)
2007 Order of Merit
2011 Templeton Prize
2012Newton Prize (Institute of Physics)
2013Paczynski Medal (Warsaw)
2013Dirac Medal and Prize (ICTP)
2015 Nierenberg Prize (Scripps Institute)
2015 Order of the Rising Sun (Gold and Silver Star) (Japan)

Hon. DSc.
 Sussex (1990), Leicester (1993), Copenhagen (1995), Keele (1995), Uppsala (1995), Newcastle (1995), Toronto (1996), Durham (1999), Oxford (2000), Ohio (2006), Exeter (2006), Hull (2007), Yale (2008), Open University (2008), Liverpool (2008), King's College, London (2008), McMaster (2009), East Anglia (2009), Melbourne (2010), Portsmouth (2011), Sydney (2012), ETH Zurich (2012), Cambridge (2014), Greenwich (2014), Harvard (2016)
Hon. D. Litt University of London (2011), University of Bath (2015)
Hon. Fellow
 Cardiff University (1998),Trinity College, Cambridge (1995), Jesus College, Cambridge (1996), Darwin College, Cambridge (2004), King's College, Cambridge (2007), John Moores University, Liverpool (2008), Isaac Newton Institute (2012), City and Guilds (2012), Science Museum (2013)
Committees (mainly past)
1992-94President, Royal Astronomical Society (Council member 1972-75)
1995-96 President, British Association for the Advancement of Science (Council 1994-01)
1996-02 Trustee of British Museum
1998- Trustee of Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
1998-01 Trustee of NESTA
1999-04 Trustee: Kennedy Memorial Trust (UK)
1997- President: British Physics Olympiad Committee
1998-07 Chairman: Victor Rothschild Memorial Trust
2001-08 Trustee: Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)
2003-11 Trustee: National Museum of Science and Industry
2004- Council: Foundation for Science and Technology
2004-12 Governor: Westminster School
2005- Trustee: Gates Cambridge Trust
2005-10 President Royal Society (Council member 1983-5 and 1993-5)
2006- Board Member: Science, Technology and Society Forum (Kyoto)
2008-09 Council Member: Royal Institution
2008-13 Governing Board, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
2012-13 President: Association for Science Education

Current and recent advisory boards

Oxford Martin School
Grantham Institute (IC and LSE)
Ditchley Foundation (Hon. Governor)
Santa Fe Institute
ICTP Salam Institute
NTU Singapore (Complexity Programme)
Life Stories (British Library)
Pontifical Academy of Sciences (Council)
House of Lords S & T Committee
Samuel Johnson Book Prize (Chair of Judges)
Oxford Martin Commission on future generations
BASIC commission on nuclear weapons
Anniversary Longitude Prize Advisory Board (Chair)
Breakthrough "Listen" project board (Chair)

Other previous external academic activities
IAU: President of Commission on High Energy Astrophysics (No. 48) (1973-76); organising committee, commissions 47, 51. Special nominating committee (1994- )

Member of various committees and panels, Chairman of Scientific Advisory Committee (1976-78)

EPS: Board member (and first secretary) of Astronomy and Astrophysics Division
SERC/PPARC Member of various committees and panels; member ASR Board (1977-80), PPARC Council (1994-1997)
EU: CODEST Physics Panel (1992-94)
BNSC: Science Board (1986-88)
COPUS: Member (1995-00)

Member of editorial boards for Reviews of Modern Physics, Oxford Monographs in Physics, Contemporary Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics Reviews, Physics World, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and other journals.

Have directed 6 NATO-sponsored Advanced Study Institutes, and been involved in organisation of many conferences, summer schools, etc. Frequent contributions to UK and foreign radio and TV programmes on science, technology and education. TV series for Channel 4 shown in 2004.

Visiting Committee Max Planck Institute, Munich, (1976-88), BBC Science Consultative Committee (1984-88) Advisory Committees for Indian Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (1989-92), SISSA, Trieste (1992-6), Niels Bohr Institute (1993-6), IAC, Spain (1995-7), NOVA (Holland) (2000-4) and Caltech Physical Sciences (2000), Committee for Exhibition of 1851 (2002-5), (also numerous 'ad hoc' visiting/advisory committees in UK and overseas).

Special Lectures

1972 Kelvin Lecturer (British Association)
1975 Lindsay Memorial Lecturer (NASA, Washington)
1975 H.P. Robertson Memorial Lecturer (Nat. Acad.Sci.)
1976-77 Gresham Lecturer (London)
1976 George Darwin Lecturer (R.A.S)
1978 Halley Lecturer (Oxford)
1979 Tyndall Lecturer (Bristol)
1979 Larmor Lecturer (Cam. Phil. Soc.)
1979 Tolansky Lecturer (Roy. Soc. Arts)
1980 Tizard Lecturer (Westminster)
1980 Loeb Lecturer (Harvard)
1980 Milne Lecturer (Oxford)
1981 "Distinguished Lecturer" (U. of Alberta)
1981 Jansky Lecturer (NRAO, USA)
1982 Lockyer Memorial Lecturer (Exeter)
1982 Behr Lecturer (Pittsburgh U./Carnegie Mellon U.)
1982 Redman Lecturer (McMaster U.)
1982 Bakerian Lecturer (Royal Society)
1982 Miller Lecturer (Illinois)
1983 Marlar Lecturer (UCSD)
1984 Danz Lecturer (U. of Washington)
1984 Bunyan Lecturer (Stanford U.)
1984 Ida Beam Visiting Professor (U. of Iowa)
1984 Clark Lecturer (Glasgow U.)
1986 Sackler Lecturer (Tel Aviv)
1987 Hubble Lecturer (Space Telescope Inst. Baltimore)
1987 Lauritsen Lecturer (Caltech)
1988 Invited discourse (IAU General Assembly)
1989 Schwarzschild Lecturer (Astronomische Gesellschaft)
1990 Gold Lecturer (Cornell)
1991 Celsius Lecturer (Uppsala)
1992 Lezioni Lincee (Accademia Lincei, Rome/Milan)
1994 Cecil and Ida Green Visiting Professor (UBC)
1995 Hitchcock Visiting Professor (UC Berkeley)
1995 Delphasus Lecturer (UC Santa Cruz)
1995 Marker Lecturer (Pennsylvania State U)
1996 Schiaparelli Lecturer (Accademia Lincei)
1997 Sackler Lecturer (Toronto)
1997 Royal Palace Symposium speaker (Amsterdam)
1998 Rutherford/Canada Lecturer (Royal Society)
1998 Mautner Lecturer (U C Los Angeles)
1998 Hays Lecturer (Pittsburgh)
1998 Rossi Lecturer (Florence)
1999 Pauli Lecturer (ETH, Zurich)
1999 "Distinguished" Lecturer (U Victoria and DAO, Canada)
1999 Leverhulme Lecturer (Liverpool)
2000 Scribner Lecturer (Princeton)
2000 Gamow Memorial Lecturer (Colorado U)
2000 Larmor Lecturer (Belfast)
2001 Brickwedde Lecturer (Johns Hopkins U)
2001 John Darius Lecturer (Science Museum)
2001 Centenary Lecture Series (City of Melbourne)
2001 McCrea Lecturer (Royal Irish Academy)
2002 Grubb Parsons Lecturer (Durham)
2002 Oskar Klein Lecturer (Stockholm)
2003 Petrie Lecturer (RAS Canada)
2003 Simonyi Lecturer (Oxford)
2003 Ove Nathan Lecturer (Danish Academy)
2003 Wu Lecturer (U Michigan)
2003 Johnson Lecturer (National Maritime Museum)
2004 Gresham Mansion House Lecturer (London)
2004 Russell Lecturer (Amer. Astron. Soc.)
2005 Faraday Lecturer (Royal Soc)
2005 Messenger Lecturer (Cornell U)
2005 Oppenheimer Lecturer (UC Berkeley)
2006 Chatham Lecturer (Oxford)
2006 Foster Lecturer (London)
2006 Queen's Lecturer (Berlin)
2007 Gifford Lecturer (St Andrews)
2007 Blackett Memorial Lecturer (Delhi)
2007 Rajiv Gandhi Lecturer (Bangalore)
2007 Pardee Lecturer (Boston University)
2007 Caird Medal Lecture (National Maritime Museum)
2008 Reimar Lust Lecture (MPG)
2008 Wolfson Haldane Lecture (Oxford)
2008 Aurelio Peccei Lecture (Rome)
2008 Ditchley Lecture
2008 Roscoe Lecture (Liverpool)
2008 Athenaeum Lecture
2009 James Martin Lecture (Oxford)
2009 Lee Kuan Yew Distinguished Visitor Lectures (Singapore)
2009 Hon. Fellowship Lecture (Cam Phil Soc)
2009 Lord Speaker's Lecture (House of Lords)
2010 Rutherford Lectures (Christchurch and Wellington, New Zealand)
2010 Derek Denton Lecture (Melbourne, Australia)
2010 Reith Lectures (BBC)
2010 Lewis Thomas Lecture (Rockefeller University)
2010 Cockcroft-Rutherford Lecture (Manchester)
2011 Kohn Lecture (Imperial College)
2011 Beyond Lecture (Arizona)
2011 Benson Lecture (Chicago)
2011 Barringer Lecture (Nat Hist Mus)
2011 Erasmus Darwin Lecture (Lichfield)
2011 Templeton Lecture (San Francisco)
2011 "Distinguished" Lecture (Nottingham)
2011 Romanes Lecture (Oxford)
2011 Dennis Sciama Lecture (Oxford and Trieste)
2012 Founders Day Lecture (Bath)
2012 Dalton Lecture (Manchester)
2012 Haldane Lecture (Leicester)
2012 Menelaus Memorial Lecture (Cardiff)
2012 Morgan-Botti Lecture (Cardiff)
2012 Forum Lecture (UC Santa Cruz)
2012 Foundation Lecture (Sydney)
2012 Wall Exchange Lecture (Vancouver)
2012 Statutory Public Lecture (IAS Dublin)
2012 J L Synge Memorial Lecture (T C Dublin)
2012 Natural History Museum Annual Lecture (London)
2012 Millar Lecture (RSA)
2013 Kelvin Lecture (Royal Phil. Soc. Glasgow)
2013 Williams Lecture (Brown University)
2013 Newton Lecture (Institute of Physics)
2013 Paczynski Lecture (Polish Astronomical Society)
2014 Roy Soc/Amer Acad. Lecture (Carnegie Institution, Washington) Society)
2014 Science Policy Lecture (Harvard, Kennedy School)
2014Christmas Lecture (BAA)
2014Crafoord Lecture (Lund)
2014 De Waal Lecture (Groningen)
2015 James Martin Lecture (Oxford)
2015 CARA lecture
2016 Nierenberg Lecture (Scripps Institute)
2016 Lindsey Memorial Lecture (Imperial College)
2016 Erasmus Lecture (Academia Europaea)
2017 Lilienfeld Lecture (American Physical Society)
2017 Carl Sagan Lecture (Cornell University)

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