Survey Information & Progress

VEILS is a static and transient near infra-red survey in three southern hemisphere extragalactic fields - XMM-LSS, CDF-S and ELAIS-S1. These well-studied fields have a wealth of ancillary data from many other multi-wavelength surveys. More information can be found here. The VEILS survey consists of 2 pointings of the 1.5 sq-deg camera in each of the three fields for a total survey area of 9 sq-deg. The table below lists the pointing centres:

Field RA Dec P.A.
XMM-Wide1 02:24:30.14 -06:09:59.4 90
XMM-Wide2 02:20:00.07 -06:07:10.2 90
CDFS-Wide1 03:36:07.75 -26:44:59.6 0
CDFS-Wide2 03:36:07.78 -29:17:02.0 0
ES1-Wide1 00:31:23.14 -42:35:01.7 0
ES1-Wide2 00:31:23.16 -43:40:01.9 0

As VEILS is a transient survey, we aim to observe between 5-10 epochs in both the J and Ks-bands in every ESO semester. The per-epoch point-source depths are expected to be J < 23.5 and Ks < 22.5 (5-sigma; AB). Observations are expected to be taken with a cadence of 14+/-4 days. At the end of the survey, we expect to have between 33-50 epochs in each filter in each of the six VEILS pointings. The final co-added survey depths are expected to be J < 25.5 and Ks < 24.5 (5-sigma AB; point source).

As the survey progresses, these pages will be updated with more information regarding the current survey status. Please check back later for more details.