David King's Home Page

I am a Senior Research Associate in the Instrumentation Group at the Institute of Astronomy, part of the University of Cambridge

I am involved in the following Projects:

    DAZLE - Dark Age z Lyman-alpha Explorer. A near-infrared narrow-band imager for studying Ly-alpha at very high redshifts

    Project 1640 - an Integral Field Spectrograph to find exoplanets

    CIRPASS - the Cambridge IR Panoramic Survey Spectrograph

    Lucky Imaging - high speed imaging to beat atmospheric turbulence

    WFMOS - the Wide-Field Fibre-fed Multi-Object Spectrograph. I am currently working on the optical design of this spectrograph, which is targetting the Subaru 8.2m Telescope located on Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

DAZLE has completed several runs at the European Southern Observatory Very Large Telescope during 2006 - 2008. (VLT). For more information and photos, see DAZLE at the VLT.

CIRPASS has been used extensively at Gemini South, the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) and the William Herschel Telescope (WHT).

Project 1640 is a new collaborative project between the IoA and the Astrophysics Group at the American Museum of Natural History .

My professional interests are:
  • Astronomical Instrumentation, particularly near infra-red
  • Optical Design
  • The Interstellar Medium
  • Damped Lyman-alpha galaxies
  • Extra-solar planets

Updated on 12 May 2008.
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