British Astronomical Association
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1999 News

Sep 15  Faint comet P/LONEOS (1999 RO28) announced
Sep 17  SOHO-86=1999 S1 on C3 frames today.  Discovered by myself!
Sep 17  P/Ge-Wang (1999 R2) recovered
Sep 20  SOHO-87 discovered (faint)
Sep 21  Faint southern comet McNaught-Watson (1999 S2) discovered by Rob McNaught
Sep 22  SOHO-88 discovered (very faint) 
Sep 24  SOHO-89 discovered (faint - I missed it).  LASCO is offline from Sunday.
Sep 24  LINEAR-31=1999 S3, 13th mag at northern dec, 80 year period. 
Oct 01  LINEAR-32=1999 S4, 16th mag, could be naked eye next year
Oct 06  SOHO back on line
Oct 07  Report of new planet discovered by study of long period comet orbits,
        details to be published in Monthly Notices next week.
Oct 11  Faint southern comet McNaught-Hartley (1999 T1).
Oct 14  LINEAR-33=1999 T2, 17th mag.
Oct 15  Vesta visible on SOHO-LASCO C3 frames (accidental discovery).
Oct 18  LONEOS discovers faint comet 1999 U1 (Ferris)
Oct 21  Mailing of the October issue of 'The Comets Tale' begins.
Oct 25  LINEAR-34=1999 T3, 17th mag.
Oct 26  SOHO-90=1999 U2 non Kreutz comet visible on C3 frames yesterday, approx 7th mag
        Co-discovered by myself and Sarah Gregory.
Oct 30  Mailing of October issue of 'The Comets Tale' completed.
Oct 31  LINEAR-35=1999 U3, 17th mag
Nov 01  SOHO-91 discovered by Doug Biesecker on C3 images
Nov 01  LONEOS/Catalina discover 17th mag comet 1999 U4 (LONEOS-7, Catalina-6)
Nov 01  Component D of 141P/Machholz 2 is around 13th mag
Nov 02  Distant asteroid 1999 TD discovered in cometary orbit
Nov 06  Vesta no longer on C3 frames
Nov 06  Faint comet 1999 V1 discovered, 63P/Wild 1 recovered
Nov 18  Leonids roar at 40 - 50 meteors per minute at 02:00
Nov 23  SOHO-92 discovered by Doug Biesecker on C2 images
Dec 04  SOHO-93 1997 K2 discovered in SWAN images announced on IAUC
Dec 09  Asteroid XS35 in long period cometary orbit
Dec 12  Faint comet P/1999 X1 (Hug-Bell) announced
Dec 21  Kreutz fragment SOHO-94 discovered by Angelos Vourlidas on C2 images
Dec 27  1999 Y1 = LINEAR-36  discovered
Dec 28  Non Kreutz comet 1999 Y2 = SOHO-95 discovered by Kazimieras Cernis

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