ICQ format Keys for use when submitting observations to the BAA


The ICQ has not updated its keys since 2010, however new observers are submitting observations, new detectors are in use and new catalogues are available.  In the interim the following are suggested for use (Updated 2020 October 3):

Magnitude Sources

AQ    AAVSO APASS V magnitudes (recommended)
MD    Carlsberg Meridian Catalogue 14 (2005).  Note this is not the same version of the catalogue as ICQ key MC which is the 1989 release.
U3    UCAC3 photometry, which lies between V and R and should not normally be used
U4    UCAC4 photometry, which lies between V and R.  Note that the catalogue also has APASS V magnitudes, which are preferred.

Observers : The designations used by ICQ follow the form of  XYZnn.  COBS are already using the form XYZaa, ab etc and so we will follow this practice.

ADA04    Gianluigi Adamoli, Italy
AGUaa    Salvador Aguirre, Mexico
AMO02    Margarete J Amorim, Brazil
BRYaa    Eric Bryssinck, Belgium
BUCaa    Denis Buczynski, Tarbatness, Scotland
CARah    Peter Carson, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex
CLAaa    Chris Clayton, England
COL03    Emilio Colombo, Italy
DUB01    Yurij Dubrovsky, Ukraine
DYMaa    Roger Dymock, Waterlooville, Hampshire
GET      Stephen Getliffe, Longstanton, Cambridgeshire
GON06    Virgilio and Mario Gonano, Italy
GUIaa    Ernesto Guido, Italy
HILaa    Kevin Hills, Cheshire, England
JAMaa    Nick James, Chelmsford, Essex
LEHaa    Thomas Lehmann
Lorra     Alan Lorrain, Basingstoke, England
Metta    Paul Mettam, Long Eaton, Derbyshire
MORad    Peter Morris, Upminster, Essex
NAV02    J P Navarro Pina, Spain
PAUaa    Nirmal Paul, India
QVA    Jan Qvam, Norway
SPOab    David Spooner, Steyning, West Sussex
TEE      Teerasak Thaluang, Thailand
WATaa    Colin Watling, Kessingland, Suffolk

Computer software used for photometric reduction of CCD images:

A48    Astrometrica 4.8 and sub-releases
KPH    Kphot http://kometen.fg-vds.de/kphotsoftware.zip
JAM   Nick James VEM technique