With One Hand Waving Free

29th October - 4th November 2017, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

Conference Programme


6-7pm Registration Hotel Lobby

7.15-10.15pm Reception Estilo Deck


Introductory Remarks

Physics of Stars

10-10:30am Ross Church
The location of the minimum mean molecular weight in giants

10:30-11am Kate Henkel
Thermohaline mixing in extremely metal-poor stars

11-11:30am Coffee

11:30-12pm Sarah Martell
Thermohaline mixing at the extremes of the metallicity distribution function

12-12:30pm Cesare Chiosi
Theory of stellar convection III: boundary conditions for the SFC theory

12:30-1pm Alessandro Chieffi
Why does a well educated mantle of a star react hysterically to the formation of a gradient (any) that recedes in radius?

1-2pm Lunch

2-2:30pm Simon Campbell
Attempts at 3D Models of Stellar Interiors

2:30-3pm Maurizio M. Busso
Stirring, mixing, burning: what are AGB stars and John's work telling us?

3-3:30pm Christopher Tout
Magnetic Fields and Stellar Evolution

3:30-4pm Tea

Clusters of Stars

4-4:30pm David Yong
Chemical abundances in globular clusters and metal-poor stars

4:30-5pm Ben MacLean
AGB stars in Globular Clusters with HERMES

5-5:30pm Klemen Cotar
Identification of stellar associations using hierarchical clustering

Wine Tasting Bazaar


Galactic Archaeology

10-10:30am Jeffrey Simpson
The GALAH survey: Chemical tagging confirmation of very wide binary star systems

10:30-11am Tomaz Zwitter
Galah, RAVE, and Gaia-ESO surveys: from radial velocities to physical parameters of stars and the interstellar medium

11-11:30am Coffee

11:30-12pm Joss Bland-Hawthorn
Near field cosmology: the age of massive stellar surveys

12-12:30pm Dennis Stello
A cornet of goodies from asteroseismology

12:30-1pm Ken Freeman
Observational Aspects of Thick Disk Formation

1-2pm Lunch

2-2:30pm Michael Bessell
Searching for ultra-metal-poor stars.

2:30-3pm Gary Da Costa
The SkyMapper Search for Extremely Metal-Poor Stars in the Galactic Halo

Multiple Stars

3-3:30pm Gregor Traven
SB2 systems and stars in short-lived evolutionary phases explored by t-SNE reduction of spectral information

3:30-4pm Tea

4-4:30pm Peter Wood
Explaining the period-luminosity sequences of red giant variables

4:30-5pm Jarrod Hurley
Strange Weirdos

5-5:30pm Peter Eggleton
The Influence of Tidal Friction in 60 Evolved Binaries

Beer Tasting Estilo Deck

Wednesday Free Time


Grains from Stars

9:30-10am Trevor Ireland
Diamonds and dirt: Where is the r-process in presolar grains?

10-10:30am Janaina Avila
The end of s-process nucleosynthesis: Pb isotopic compositions in presolar grains

10:30-11am Sara Palmerini
S-Processing, MHD-induced mixing and isotopic abundances in presolar grains from AGB stars

11-11:30am Coffee

Post-AGB Stars

11:30-12pm Hans Van Winckel
The chemical diversity of Post-AGB stars

12-12:30pm Michael Dopita
Probing Planetary Nebula Evolution through WiFeS Integral Field Spectroscopy

Supernovae and Hydrodynamics

12:30-1pm Tyrone Woods
Supernova Archaeology: Unveiling the origin of Type Ia supernovae

1-2pm Lunch

2-2:30pm Ashley Ruiter
Faint thermonuclear supernovae and Ti-44

2:30-3pm Anton Wallner
Supernova-60Fe detected on Earth - can we also link 244Pu to an r-process site?

3-3:30pm Bernhard Mueller
Modelling the final stages of massive stars in 3D

3:30-4pm Tea

Outreach in Astronomy

4-4:30pm Geraint F. Lewis
Writing about Astronomy for the Public

4:30-5pm Fred Watson
Outreaching Fake News

Conference Banquet Manhattan Ballroom


Evolution of Stars

9:30-10am Thomas Constantino
Core Helium Burning in Stars

10-10:30am Onno Pols
Ba, CH and CEMP-s Stars

10:30-11am Richard Stancliffe
The other carbon enhanced metal poor stars

11-11:30am Coffee

11:30-12pm Andrew Casey
The Lithium-rich Giant Puzzle

12-12:30pm Amanda Karakas
Very Metal Rich AGB Stars

12:30-1pm Lionel Siess
Evolution of Super AGB stars

1-2pm Lunch

2-2:30pm Carolyn Doherty
Monash Chemical Yields Project

2:30-3pm George Angelou
The Aarhus Challenge - A comparison of Stellar Evolution Codes

3-3:30pm Quentin Parker
Late stage evolution and the power of large mutli-wavelength datasets

3:30-4pm Tea

4-4:30pm Sun Kwok
Physics and chemistry of the late stages of stellar evolution

Odds and Ends

4:30-5pm Robert Malaney
Stars, Quasars and Quantum Entanglement

5-5:30pm David Lambert
Closing Remarks

Jeff Lang Concert Estilo Deck

Others Joining us

John Lattanzio, Lisa Elliott, Sarah Maddison and Shane Youl