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Gerry Gilmore, FInstP, Hon FRASNZ, FRAS, ScD, MAE, Hon FRSNZ, FRS; Professor of Experimental Philosophy; Coordinator, OPTICON.

1st image by Lucinda Douglas-Menzies, from `Portraits of Astronomers', 2009;
"interesting" ancestors - James Gilmor, Beauchamp Tower, Tower of London, 1569;
Gnome and Gnome is a theme...;
I remain a kiwi at heart, and Hon Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand and of the Royal Society of New Zealand.
Lower images: Daniel Chalonge medal, 2013; Gaia is a major part of my career;
3rd image by Max Alexander, from `Explorers of the Universe' exhibitions, 2009/2010
4th image: Little Doctor by Sophie Gilmore, ISBN 978-1-77147-344-6

George & William Gnome dubious family: Tower of London, 1569 Portraits of Astronomers Picture of a kiwi bird
Chalonge medal 2013 Gerry and Gaia Max Alexander's `Explorers of the Universe' Little Doctor, by Sophie Gilmore

Postal Address
Institute of Astronomy
University of Cambridge
Madingley Road
Cambridge CB3 0HA
United Kingdom

Telephone: (UK)+44 (0)1223-337506 (office), +44(0)771-2774522 (mobile)

Email gil @

a brief academic CV
Daniel Chalonge medal, 2013


Research Interests

Gerry Gilmore's research is largely related to Stellar populations
which are a great way to find what matter really is, and where it is...

  • Gaia: the origins of the Galaxy,
  • Gaia project history article from IAUS 330
  • Gaia review article article published in Contemporary Physics March 2018
  • Gaia talk a non-technical (April 2017) Gaia talk
  • Gaia-ESO Survey: what is in the Galaxy?
  • Galactic and galactic chemical evolution: the histories of Stardust
  • Dark Mass distribution in galaxies: searching for the nature of matter
  • Stellar luminosity function: how much mass is understood?
  • OPTICON, the EC Optical Infrared Coordination Network for astronomy
  • E-ELT, next generation very large telescope: look at the ESO web site for news.

Articles and other Publications

Dating a Coptic eclipse published in Zeitschrift fur Papyrologie u. Epigraphik 158 (2006) pp 190-192
Introduction to the Gaia-ESO Survey published in the ESO Messenger No 147
Picture of the Galaxy and the Sgr dwarf galaxy published in Ann. Rev. Astron. Astrophys. 35 637-675 (1997)
Publications from the preprint server from the last twelve months
Published papers from the ADS
Summary publication and citation metrics at March 2019


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