Educational and Outreach talks and activities for Carolin Crawford in 2016

Title Audience Date Audience Number
The Solar System Year 5/6 children at Waterbeach Primary SchoolNov 90
Early views of the Moon History of the Moon conference, St Cross College, Oxford Nov 120
Finding your way around the night sky 1st Cambourne brownies Nov 35
Black holes for beginnersyr 10's from Tormead School, GuildfordNov 20
Black holes for beginnersyr 9's from the Perse School Nov 20
Small bodies of the Solar System Northampton Natural History SocietyOct25
The Early UniverseTalk to Luton Astronomical Society Oct25
When galaxies collide... Epsom & Ewell Astronomical Society Oct55
An introduction to the planetsYear 5 at Upwood Primary School Oct25
Juno and JupiterCUASOct 60
Saturn, the most beautiful planetschool pupils and their parents, WHSBSep100
Black holes and gravitational wavesSixth formers at Westcliff High SchoolsSep 110
The red planetTalk to Hampstead Garden Astronomical Society Sep 16
An introduction to the planetsyear 5 at Moulton Primary SchoolSep20
Your place in the cosmosAdult education class, St Ivo SchoolSep20
Research at the IoA Sixth form students attending Cambridge WP day Sep20
Dark Energy and the ever-expanding UniverseWycombe Astronomical SocietySep65
All about the planets KS2 at Fen Drayton School Sep 30
An introduction to the planetsTwo talks to KS1/2 pupils attending Cambridge holiday schemeAug 60,30
Panellist discussing How will we survive when our Sun diesSecret Garden PartyJul90
Astronomical research at CambridgeTwo talks to students from Oxbridge Academic ProgrammesJul 25
Panellist discussing How will it all end?Secret Garden Party Jul
An introduction to astronomyTalk to Chinese high-school students for First UK Education Jul 20
Panellist discussing The future of spacePlenary session for the Gates Alumni and scholars conference Jul 200
Astronomical research at Cambridge Four talks to Chinese high-school students attending the CUKDC coursesJul, Aug 140
Your place in the cosmosTalk to year 11's attending the Insight residential course at Cambridge University Jul 15
Introduction to the planetsTwo talks to foundation stage pupils at Milton Primary School, CambridgeJul 60
The search for dark matter Talk to pupils at Hills Road 6th form College, Cambridge Jul 25
When galaxies collide Talk to Letchworth and District Astronomical Society Jun 60
Your place in the cosmos Talk to pupils at the Priory Hospital School, North London Jun5
Secrets of the Solar SystemTalk to yr 5 at Shirley Community Primary School, CambridgeJun 45
When galaxies collideTalk to Crayford Manor Astronomical SocietyJun 40
X-ray AstronomyTalk to members of Hereford Astronomical SocietyJun20
The Institute of AstronomyTalk to the Visiting Scholars SocietyMay 50
Beyond the Solar SystemTalk to yr 5 pupils at Queen Edith's primary school, CambridgeMay85
The beauty and science of nebulae King's Lynn & district astro-socMay 30
The search for dark matterNorthants Astronomy ClubMay10
Wonders of the Solar System Yr 4/5 pupils at Willingham Primary School May75
The latest on PlutoTalk to the 41 club, CambridgeMay25
Secrets of the Solar System Two talks to yr 3 and 4 at Lark Rise Academy, DunstableMay 45,45
Beyond the Solar System Yr 5 at Lark Rise Academy, DunstableMay45
The transit of Mercury Two talks at IoAMay 30,10
Black Holes for beginners Clacton and District Astronomical society May 30
Your place in the cosmosKS4/5 pupils at Priory Hospital School, Chelmsford May 10
An introduction to the Milky Way Intro to Astro course for IoA/CAAMay50
What astronomers study KS3 STEM club, St Ivo School May 30
When galaxies collideOrpington Astronomical Society Apr 40
What an astronomer does / About the solar system two assemblies to yr 1-6 at Rougham Primary School Apr60,80
Your place in the cosmosTalk to yr 8 & 9 pupils from Stoke College, Apr 40
Your place in the cosmosTalk to Hatfield BroakOaks and neighbouring WI's Apr 70
Small bodies of the Solar System Two talks at Winchester Planetarium Apr80, 110
Beyond the Solar System Talk to KS2/3 pupils from Icknield Primary School and Hokerhill College Mar 90
The search for Dark MatterTalk to Sixth Formers at Cambridge Physics Centre Mar 350
Our place in the Universe Talk to Finnish High school students Mar 30
Our place in the Universe Two talks to year 11's at Saffron Walden High School Mar 30
Panel discussion about science in films Watersprite Film FestivalMar 40
Women in Astronomy Talk and panel at WOW Festival Cambridge Mar 40
Small bodies of the Solar System Talk to Stour Astronomical Society Mar 16
Saturn, its rings and moons Talk to Maldon U3A Astronomy ClubFeb 23
Juno, mission to Jupiter Public Open Evening at IoAFeb 180
Exoplanets and how to find them Talk to yr 7's from Cambridge International SchoolFeb 30
Catastrophes from space talk to yr 6 at Ramsey Junior School Feb130
The science and beauty of nebulae Science Society, Wolfson College Jan 40
The wonders of the Solar System talk to KS2 at Icknield Primary School, Sawston Jan 120
Exploring the Solar System children and parents at Great Wilbraham Primary School Jan 90
The beauty and science of nebulae Astronomy Ireland, Dublin Jan 70
An update on Pluto IoA Stargazing Live event Jan 120
The beauty and science of nebulae Stanion Stargazers Jan 25
Exploring the Solar Systemyr 8's at Alban Academy, Great Barford Jan 120