Media Activity for Carolin Crawford in 2015
In our Time BBC Radio 41 Jan (repeat from 10 Jul 2014) talking about the Sun
BBC Radio Cambs 16 Jan brief phone interview about the detection of Beagle 2 on Mars
Naked Scientists BBC Radio Camb8 Marlive interview discussing the Dawn Mission
In our Time BBC Radio 4 12 Mardiscussing Dark Matter
BBC Radio Cambs18 Marlive interview discussing the Solar Eclipse
Heart Radio 18 Marinterview discussing the Solar Eclipse
BBC Radio Cambs, Heart Radio, Anglia TV20 Marinterviews discussing the Solar Eclipse
Naked Scientists BBC Radio Cambs19 Apr guest interviewer answering astronomy questions
BBC Radio Cambs 11 Aug live interview discussing the Perseid meteor shower
Radio 5 Live 12 Aug interview discussing the Perseid meteor shower
BBC Radio Cambs 28 Sep interview discussing the total lunar eclipse
BBC2 World's Wierdest Events1 Auginterview discussing atmospheric phenomena
BBC Radio Cambs25 Octlive discussion about Mars on the Naked Scientists show
BBC1 Breakfast Show 31 Octlive interview about the close flypast of an asteroid