Educational and Outreach talks for Carolin Crawford in 2009

55 presentations to 4020 people

Title Audience Date Audience Number
The science and beauty of nebulae Talk to physics teachers attending the Institute of Physics Update course Dec 70
The Planets Talk to yr 4/5 pupils at Upwood Primary School Nov 30
Searching for Exoplanets Participant in a discussion/presentation for the CU Triple Helix Society Nov 100
The science and beauty of nebulae Talk to the Cambridge Medical Society Nov 60
Your place in the cosmos Talk and stargazing session for attendees at the ISPAD Science School at Madingley Hall Nov 25
An Introduction to the Milky Way Talk to the Hants and Wilts alumni group Nov 90
The planets Talk to KS1 children at Park Street school, Cambridge Nov 35
Cosmology for beginners 3 talks to yr10/11 and yr13 students at Sandy Upper School Nov 25,50,50
Your place in the Universe Talk to members of the Cambridgeshire WI Federation Oct 70
Tour of IoA and telescopes Support staff at the Isaac Newton Institute Oct 7
Will we return to the Moon? Two talks at the IoA's Moonwatch evenings Oct 260, 120
Two tours of IoA telescopes Primary school-age children attending University Playscheme Oct 25, 20
The science and beauty of nebulae Talk to the upper sixth at Bedford School Oct 100
Talk about The planets and tour of IoA Yr 5 of Hartford Junior School Oct 55
Exoplanets and how to find them Talk and tour of IoA to CU alumni Sep 60
How far? How old? How much bigger? Two Motivate videoconferences with KS3 pupils at John Kelly Girls TC London; St Joseph's College, London; Plantsbrook School, West Midlands; Macclesfield High Shool, Cheshire; Bradfield School, Sheffield Sep, Nov ~120
X-ray astronomy Breckland Astronomical Society Sep 60
The Universe through many eyes Talk to Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth Regional astronomers Sep 20
Cosmology and Dark Energy Talk to Papworth Astronomy Club Sept 20
A Guide to the Galaxies Talk to the general public at Science Oxford July 55
Galaxies Talk at the CU International Summer School July 60
Big Numbers Talk to Yr 9 students at the Maths Masterclass day, Royal Institution June 400
Exploring the Solar System Visit to IoA by years 5 and 6 of Great Abington Primary School June 50
Careers in Science Three talks at the Yr10 Careers Conference at South Hampstead High School June 20
The science and beauty of nebulae Royal Astronomical Society public lecture June 100
Your place in the Universe Talk to Yr 8 students at Alban CofE middle school June 55
From Research to Outreach Talk at the IoP Very Early Career Woman Physicist awards May 40
Are there any aliens? Talk to Yr 5/6 students from Abbey Meadows school May 60
An Introduction to the planets Yr 4 students at the Perse school May 60
An Introduction to the Milky Way Talk for the Intro to Astro course at IoA May 50
Nebulae Crayford Manor Astronomical Society Apr 35
The planets Talk to 2-3 yr olds at the West Cambridge University Nursery Apr 10
Recent results from the Hubble Space Telescope Talk at Oxford University's Dept of continuing education's Annual Astronomy Weekend Apr 90
An Introduction to the Moon Two talks for the IoA Moonwatch evenings Apr 90, 150
Nebulae: the birthplaces of stars Hills Road Sixth Form College Physics Society, Cambridge Mar 13
The Planets Talk and tour of IoA to KS1 pupils from Chrishall Primary School Mar 45
Exoplanets and how to find them Public open evening talk, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge Science Festival Mar 180
Are we Alone? Talk at the Kettle's Yard 'Problemathon' at the Cambridge Science Festival Mar 20
The Planets Talk to KS2 pupils at Dry Drayton primary school Mar 30
Nebulae: the birthplaces of stars Downing College Danby Society Mar 10
Black Holes KS4 and KS5 pupils at Richard Hale School, Herts Feb 180
The Planets Three talks to reception, year 1 and 2 pupils at King's School, Ely Feb 110
Talk and tour of IoA Gateway cub scouts, St Ives Feb 40
Poetry and space Guest at workshop for primary school pupils at Queen Edith's school, Cambridge Feb 15
Nebulae: the birthplaces of stars Astrofest 2009 Feb 500
The case for Dark Energy Talk at the public open evening, Institute of Astronomy Jan 80