Media Activity for Carolin Crawford in 2009
Naked Astronomy Science Podcast 25 December 2009
Home Planet BBC Radio 4 22 December 2009
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 29 November 2009 live interview discussing December's blue moon
Naked Astronomy Science Podcast 20 November 2009
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 17 November 2009 live interview discussiong the Leonid Meteor Shower
What in the World? on Channel Five 30 October 2009 Guest panelist on the science quiz
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 28 October 2009 live interview discussing the Autumn Moonwatch
Home Planet BBC R4 22 September 2009
Home Planet BBC R4 25 August 2009
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 12 August 2009 live interview discussing the Perseid meteor shower
Home Planet BBC R4 4 August 2009
BBC Radio Oxford 28 July 2009 live interview discussing galaxies
Start the Week BBC R4 25 May 2009
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 4 April 2009 Live interview discussing MoonWatch
Home Planet BBC R4 17 March 2009 Guest panellist at the Outside broadcast at Cambridge Science Festival
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 27 February 2009 Brief live interview discussing IYA and Moonwatch nights
Home Planet BBC R4 24 February 2009 Guest panellist
Naked Scientists BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 22 February 2009 Brief interview discussing telescopes
209 radio 17 February 2009 Brief live studio interview discussing open nights at IoA
BBC Radio Cambs 10 January 2009 Brief live phone interview discussing open nights at IoA