CIRSI Observing Campaigns: Support Web Pages

Craig D Mackay, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, England: 22/05/01.


1. CIRSI: Instructions For Unpacking and Assembling the Unit at the Telescope.

1. First Things to Target
2. Assembling the CIRSI Frame
3. Installing the Dewar in the CIRSI Frame
4. Installing the Computer in the CIRSI Frame
5. Installing the Camera Controller in the CIRSI Frame
6. Installing the Detector Multiplexer Box in the CIRSI Frame
7. Connecting up the HAWAII Detectors
8. Connecting up the Remaining Components
9. Vacuum Gauge Operation
10. Thermocouple Assignments

2.CIRSI computer system and software installation instructions

if 1. Telescope Computer System

2. Control Room Computer
3. Redundancy Arrangements
4. Telescope Interconnections
5. Reinstalling Software on Either Computer
6. Network Setup
7. Installation of PixCel Software

3. Disassembly of the CIRSI dewar

1. Introduction
2. Removing the Front Plate of the Dewar
3. Removing the Radiation Shield and Light-Shield Tapes
4. Removing the Filter Wheel Assembly
5. Removing the Filter Wheel
6. Filter Cells
7. Filter Wheel Position Encoding
8. Filter Wheel Drive Mechanism
9. Removing the Filter Wheel Assembly
10. Filter Wheel Gear Box
11. Chip box removal
12. Removing the heat strap
13. Removing the Chip Holders
14. Disassembly of the Chip Holders
15. Removing the Chips
16. Setting the Chips in the Socketed PCB
17. Reassembly of the Chip Holder
18. General Dewar Internals Reassembly

4. Emergency warming-up of the CIRSI dewar

1. Introduction
2. Use of Dry Air Supply
3. Partial Release of Vacuum to Speed warming
4. Re-pumping the CIRSI Dewar

5. CIRSI Network Configuration

6. CIRSI Computer Systems Content

7. Use of DVD-RAM Discs with CIRSI.
1. General Description
2. Formatting the Media
3. Transferring Data to the DVD
4. Other Ways of Backing Up.

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